Friday Dish: Recap

When I look back at the week I realize I actually got a lot done. I will admit most of my major strides this week were not in the world of writing. In fact, I did very little writing this week. I did some edits, but actual writing was much less than the typical week for me. It was good actually because I had a chance to make major leaps in my other passions.

Music, as many of you know, is a great love of mine. I love cello, and if I could physically and financially afford to spend the entire day playing I most likely would. So this week, with more consistent practice, not even letting errands deter me from at least getting in one practice session a day no matter the length of it, I feel as if I made major breakthroughs.

What accomplishments did I make this week, on both writing and cello playing?

  • I finally admitted that I am getting better with cello.
  • I finally found another writing related goal.
  • I put in action the work I need to do to meet my writing goal.
  • I got the book trailer for The Sixth Sentinel done.
  • I thought about getting next month’s release ready 😉

Yes, on that last one it was just a thought because I was so busy with everything else. Shadow Hills Returns starts back next month and while the first book is ready to go I do still need to format it for e-publication on the sites where I publish–Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu. So yeah, I should make sure I get to that some time next week so that I’m not rushed on the first of next month.

The Cost of Love electronic copy


In addition to business related developments, I had personal developments and those developments are things that will be life changing for me. So in looking back at the week from Sunday until now, I have to admit, it’s been a full and productive week both professionally and personally.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a wonderful weekend you all :).


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