Cello Diaries: That’s Why it Stormed

CD entry 3

I gave myself credit for a good cello practice and it stormed that day. I’m convinced that’s why it stormed ;). I’m kidding. Well, kind of; it did storm, but I doubt my moment of “great practice” admission had anything to do with it.

I am still working hard on two of the songs I want to learn how to play, but I did take a little bit of a break this week so that I could focus on technique review work and also work on some other technique information I found. My practice of the two songs moved to the end of practice and with the hectic schedule this week that meant both songs got about fifteen minutes tops by the end of most of the week’s practice. There were some days that saw longer play time for those pieces, but for the most part the bulk of my practice time has been on technique review.

I am working on shifting faster and still being accurate. Practice eventually pays off and I know this because if I look at where I started and where I am now I have made vast improvements. It feels good for me to know I am improving. Now that I can actually admit that to myself it feels some kind of wonderful actually :). And now it will probably storm today lol.



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