Wednesdays with the Arts: Indie Life ~ Why Indie


Each author has their own reason(s) for going the independent publishing route. I have read comments from some stating that it’s the fact that they’re putting in the same amount of work as they would going traditionally, but they get to keep more of the money. Others seem to like the control. Some are using it as a stepping stone to traditional publishing. Then there are those who decided to take charge of their goal and their future and stop waiting on somebody to decide their work was worth reaching readers.

Some are more successful at indie publishing than others, but one thing is certain, no matter the reason behind their decision to self publish, and no matter how many books they are selling, indie authors do have at least a couple things in common—determination and persistence.

Indie authors work hard even when they don’t have an advance on their books to live off of, and they keep at it even when the waters of authorship look murky. To me, it takes a strong person to venture down this road. It takes a person who can see past the struggles and keep going no matter the opposition and no matter the ups and downs.

Why Indie for Me

I have done publishing with e-publishing houses, with magazines, with local smaller presses, and also as a copywriter. I had a chance to write a lot of the Web text for major sporting companies, lawyers and cosmetic surgeons. With the copywriting I did, the writer doesn’t get a byline, but the writer does still get the paycheck.

For me, the decision to indie came partly because of things I experienced with the publishing industry—things that broke my trust in publishing companies.

I decided to put one of my books on I had published via Lulu before, but Amazon was really a major stepping stone to my career. No matter how depressing Amazon can be sometimes, I can’t deny that it helped me turn my passion, my hobby, and my love for writing, into a career.

So why indie? Freedom. I have freedom to tell my stories my way. I don’t have to add a sex scene if I don’t see one in the story. I don’t have to follow a cookie cutter mold for my writing. I can just write the stories as I see them and as I feel them. Contrary to what some people believe, romance and sex are not the same thing. You can have a romance without sex, just as you can have sex without romance. When I write suspense romance, or any other genre, my focus is on the story. My focus in on the suspense, the romance, the characters and why they do what they do and why they love how they love. Should there happen to be a love scene in the book somewhere I’m okay with that too.

There’s my outlook on why I indie publish. Continue to hop to see what other authors are talking about this month.



  1. I had a lot of reasons for deciding to go Indie, but one of them is that I’m not willing to change my stories to fit someone else’s expectations. Glad to find a sister out there!

    • The freedom to write a story you believe in, that’s your story is amazing. It’s really nice not to have to take out important scenes or add unimportant ones just to fit a standard cookie mold of storytelling. Thanks for stopping by :).

  2. I agree, freedom and control over my work are the major reasons I indie publish. There’s no barrier between me and a reader, no one else deciding what a reader should see from me, or telling me to stick to a certain genre. Nice post. Thanks, and great to meet you! 🙂

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