Wednesdays with the Arts: The Dress

I know I mentioned that I finished the dress with one minor accent to sew on. Well, it’s on. I was going to wear it Saturday, but life did not lead me down that path, so I haven’t worn it yet. Below is a picture of my dress.


This was a design that started as one thing in my head and then piece by piece changed into something different than my idea. The dress is shorter than the formal length which I meant to do, but all the little changes I wanted to make just didn’t happen. Oh well, I still like the dress. I’m glad I’m finished with it as my attention span kept telling me to move on to something else and when that happens I have a hard time not moving on. It’s probably why I have a few skirts in crates that still have pins sticking in them waiting for me to put the pieces together…no, it’s definitely why it’s like that. I decided I didn’t want that to happen with any of the projects I have been doing over the past couple years and so I am glad I finally finished this dress.

I am starting on another dress…the dress that was next in line, before I move on to a project that is part of a goal I have for myself and my future. This dress design is basically going to be the pattern as I have never made it before, but I am changing a lot. I haven’t decided yet if those changes will involve my d-rings. I don’t want to make this dress too busy and I have a lot of other little details that will definitely add to the overall look of the dress so I shall see as I go. Basically, I do not think I will finish this dress quickly, but I do think I’ll have fun making it and I can’t wait to see how it comes together.

Here is the progress so far. Oh my…there is such a long way to go ;).



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