Cello Diaries: The Cello’s Curse

Cello Diaries Blog Posting Pic

What is Cello Diaries? Well, many moons ago I used to do a YouTube show called Cello Diaries where I would torture everybody’s ears with my cello playing. Yes, it was torture even for my ears ;). So why did I do it? It was a way to document my progress–or lack there of–and remind myself of where I was and how far I have come. Basically, I sucked. I still suck, in my opinion, but I’m back to serious practice and studies.

I hit bumps in the road of practice that sidetracked me from practicing cello. Some of those bumps were major life problems and others were from me piling too much on my plate of responsibilities at one time. So I’m back to serious practice and since some people have asked me how it’s going I thought I would share in a non torture kind of way. For the record, if you ever need to torture somebody I am sure you can hire me to pump an hour or two of my cello practice into the room they’re stuck in. I honestly believe they’ll crack and tell you whatever it is you’re trying to find out ;).

Cello Diaries is going to be written. Occasionally I may add audio as well. Clearly I am good at torture and if I must torture myself, why not share with you all? 🙂

So what’s up with the title of the first diary entry? The Cello’s Curse–well, I think my cello has magical powers…okay, maybe not magical powers. But for some reason every time I get her between my legs I practice for an hour and I start falling asleep. I have noticed this the past few weeks and so I say it’s the cello’s curse–she’s so beautiful that even when I sound like I’m killing several cats she can still put me to sleep.

Time for a serious assessment of my skills. Yes, I really do think I suck. But I am hardest on myself and nothing I do will ever be good enough. I will always think I suck. My mother, however, thinks I am getting better. Before she couldn’t figure out what I was playing when I would play. Now she can actually tell what song I’m playing, and she says it sounds pretty good. She has told me I should record practice daily so I can listen and hear the difference. I told her I’ll need a tape recorder because I recorded using my computer and the only thing that did was made me hate my cello playing ability even more. What can I say? I’m my toughest critic.

That’s all for now. This cellist in training is signing off. I’ll see you next time right here on Cello Diaries.


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