Wednesdays with the Arts: Wearable Arts

I did finish the dress that I was making, but I have one final decorative item I need to add to it before I am ready to show it, wear it and then closet it. I’ll share a picture once I have the last detail put on it. It has to wait because I have to wait until I get paid to go get my little addition to the dress.

Overall, the dress came together quite well. I invoked the powers of Mom to finish it. She helped me get the hem just right so that I could sew it. I am grateful for that for sure. She also helped me get the straps just right. She was trying to let me do it all by myself and I was trying to do it all by myself, but my energy level was not cooperating. I didn’t think I was ever going to finish this dress. But it is done…well, mostly done considering the fact that I still want to add that one additional item.

I do have other outfits to work on, but I think I am going to try to finish the knitted wrist warmer before starting another sewing project. I have one wrist warmer done, and I’m working on the second one to complete the pair. I would like to finish it sooner rather than later because it’s for my mom and I want to give them to her so she’ll have them to keep her hands warm whenever needed.

Wearable arts—So much to do…so little time.


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