Fly on the Wall Sunday: Inferno

Inferno is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu. Smokejumper Chase Carrigan has been patiently stepping aside for his brother for far too long. If Trent can’t recognize a good woman when one comes his way then Chase will be more than happy to pursue the beautiful Tanah Malloy. But when a deadly killer seeks to claim her first, can Chase go beyond his duty and protect the woman he loves?

Inferno ebook cover


“I’m scared,” she admitted. “Clearly whoever it is wants me dead. My office burning down was the first attempt. If you hadn’t come along I would have gone with it. Follow that up with my car blowing up and now this phone call and it’s obvious; clearly somebody is angry with me for something.”

“How many other men asked you out?”

“You can’t be serious. Nobody would be this crazy to try to kill a woman because she said no to a date.”

“I am serious. How many of the guys here asked you out?”

“Well let’s see, new woman arrives in a town with very few single women and a lot of single men, hmm…I would say since I have been here about twenty or so from this town. I have had guys from the next town over ask me out, and some of my male clients have asked me to go on their adventure vacations with them, but I take that as them just being flirty. Daniel in particular has to be the biggest of the flirts. The man has never seen me and every time he calls for me to book a trip he implies it would make a great honeymoon spot for “us,” as he says. Still, I don’t see how any of that is relevant to somebody trying to kill me. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Murder never makes sense,” he said. Maybe he was right. Maybe it didn’t have to make sense to her. Maybe it just had to make sense to whoever was trying to kill her. She shivered at that thought. Somebody really was trying to kill her. Up until this point she was able to hold on to some erroneous denial of that fact. She could try to justify recent events as just being part of some unlucky coincidence, but now that option was gone completely. Now she had to really face this head on or she would find herself six feet under. She didn’t have the luxury of trying to pretend this wasn’t reality because it was. To deny it would be stupid on her part and nobody, other than her mother, had ever accused her of being stupid.

“We’re going to figure this out, Tanah.”

“Sure; but can we do it before I end up dead?”

“I will do it and you won’t end up dead even if that means I become your shadow until this jerk is caught.”

“You have a job and a life, Chase. You can’t give it up to try to protect me. Maybe they can just put a cop on my door or something.”

“You’re important to me, Tanah. You have been important to me for a long time. Just because I’m not a cop doesn’t mean I’m going to sit back and not do anything to help.”

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