Fly on the Wall Sunday: Serenity Point

Serenity Point ~ Cash Phillips is trying to escape the past that haunts him, but moving to Serenity Point soon proves to be everything but the safe haven he seeks. When the woman next door reminds him of the woman he couldn’t save. And the passions he long ago silenced rise from the grave. Can Cash start over? Or will the past he ran from follow him to Serenity Point and drag him back to hell?

Serenity Point ebook2

Short Excerpt:

He had to stop torturing himself. He couldn’t have her. He didn’t want her. He lied to himself, but he couldn’t lie to his body. It wasn’t listening to him. He did want her. He very much wanted her. That admission alone sent a wave of guilt cascading through him.

“I should get going,” he said as he put the last plate on the rack. “Thanks for a great dinner.”

“You’re welcome,” she smiled. “Maybe we’ll get to do it again sometime.”

His eyes raked over her perfectly plump lips still stained with a soft pink shade. “Maybe,” he said and he realized his voice was husky and laden with thoughts of sex. He resisted the urge to close the distance between them and take those sweet lips with a kiss. He was trying to resist anyway. Oh hell, why was he trying to resist? It would just be a kiss—nothing more.

His eyes zoned in on her lips and his feet started to move. He watched her lips part in preparation for his tongue to gain entry into her mouth and then he heard it, a high pitched yell that jolted them both out of the moment.


Serenity Point ~ Available in print and e-book via Amazon, and it is also available on Barnes and Noble.


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