Wednesdays with the Arts: Edible Arts

Sometimes the most fun kitchen moments for me are the ones where I get to play with the ingredients I have–combining them to make a delicious meal or sweet treat. Baking doesn’t come that often for me anymore, but I do still get to do it sometimes. However, this past week was not about baking; it was about cooking.

I don’t eat beef or pork, and neither does my mother, so jazzing up chicken or fish is important if I’m going to keep the meals interesting and not tire of them. I guess you could say I limit myself with food even more because I have always only liked the wing or the breast of chicken; I can handle turkey on good days, and seafood, well…it depends because it’s sometimes hit or miss with my stomach. Fortunately for me I love salad and some vegetables so I can play with combinations to create something different for each dinner. Enter my kitchen adventure.

I was going to grill, but then I thought of the cleanup and decided on that day that I didn’t feel like that kind of cleanup. Now let me just be clear, I do not have a fancy backyard grill. I have a George Foreman grill, which I very much love to use–when I feel like tackling the cleanup that is. So since I really didn’t feel like it, I decided to bake the chicken breasts instead. I’m very glad I went for baking because I got a chance to play with it more.

My garden came in very handy here. IMG_4636Homegrown green onions and tomatoes with a store bought orange bell pepper. My bell peppers are not ready to come off the vine yet. Well, they are if I want them green, but they are supposed to be red and yellow and I would like to try to wait patiently for them to change colors instead of picking all of them green.  I used a little bit of garlic too.

Garlic isn’t something I’m all that crazy about. I buy it for certain dishes and then I’m stuck with what’s left. Hence my need to use up this garlic (because I bought it a while ago). It keeps nicely in the refrigerator though. I planted garlic, but not to use in my food. I planted it because I read that it would keep cats away and I figured maybe it would keep my neighbor’s cat from popping in my yard.

Back to food, as clearly I’m talking edible arts, i.e. the meals I made over the past week.

So what did I do with those veggies shown above? I added them to my chicken. First, I beat up my chicken. I know, that was so uncalled for, but I like my chicken thinner so I tend to pound it with the meat mallet until I have a thickness I can deal with.


I made a pocket using aluminum foil and inside I placed my chicken breast seasoned with my choice of herbs and spices, but no salt because neither I, or my mother, can deal with salty meals. I tossed in my veggies, closed the pocket and baked in the oven. To go with the main course I made rice. Sadly, I was out of salad for the first go at this meal which meant I couldn’t have salad too.

The finished meal was a success, and mother requested it again so I played with it throughout the week with the remaining two chicken breasts I had.


So what’s the next kitchen adventure? I’m not sure, but now that I have milk I might just get around to making my clover leaf dinner rolls.

Happy Wednesday you all.


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