Wednesdays with the Arts: Indie Life ~ Finding Balance


First just let me say I’m horrible with the balance thing. Seriously, I wake up before two in the morning. I get my workout in, get the morning ritual taken care of and typically by three o’clock, or earlier depending on what time I awakened, I’m working. I work until I’m ready to go to bed with minor breaks for cooking, cleaning up the mess I made while cooking, and of course, practicing cello. Basically, I can easily pull a fifteen to sixteen hour writing related work day. My mother constantly tells me I need to learn how to take a break. She says I work too many hours. You know, she’s kind of right.

So here’s the thing about Indie Life, everybody who is independent be it in writing or another business, has to set their own schedule to fit their business needs. After all, we all have to eat, pay bills and try to keep a roof over our head so work, unless you’re rich or have somebody else pulling the load for you, is a mandatory thing. That being said, finding time for a little down time is good. As I said, I’m horrible at consistently doing this, but sometimes I do work bigger breaks into my writing schedule.

When I’m not writing I like to practice cello (which is mandatory by the way), sew, knit and have my adventures in the kitchen. Currently my kitchen time is limited to the basic dishes. That means I’m not baking all the breads and cookies I like to bake. Oh well…no loss there really. I can always bake eventually. My knitting time gets worked in on the weekends and sewing usually does too. I’m currently working on a dress that I would very much like to finish in time for this weekend—Good luck with that I say. Gone are the days where I would spend an entire week at my sewing machine swiftly turning out pieces.

Finding balance is important. While writing dominates my day I also know that I have to start working in the “me” time. The problem is, typically, whenever I start working on something else, something in my mind decides to start conjuring up new stories. My stories to write list is very long indeed.

Hard work pays off, balance keeps a person sane, and a little down time is not a bad thing. One day I’ll master the art of working-relaxation balance, but I won’t hold my breath waiting on it ;). Before I go, let me just give you a brief look at my latest release, On the Line.

On the Line Book Cover

“I am going to be sex slave number ninety-nine—probably, but the good news is he wants you dead. Apparently you killed his brother.” ~ Ariana

Preston Strauss wasn’t expecting to have two women set him up and hand deliver him to an enemy ready to kill him. He also never expected for his ex-wife to end up in a holding cell with him. Now with everything on the line Preston must free himself and the woman he still loves from their hostage situation. Will the men of the Search and Rescue Squadron be able to rescue their friend? Will Preston’s heart allow him to take another chance on love? And at the end of the day, can Alex find his soul mate? Come along for the journey and see how life treats the Search and Rescue team.

On the Line is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu.




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