Friday Dish: Oh the List

It is Friday now and what do I have to show for the week? Lists full of edits, errands, cleaning, and new stories to write. To be fair, I did get a lot of editing done, but when I have a stack of several finished stories sitting on the floor and taking up my bed during the week, it just feels never ending. Every time I get one finished, I add another book to the pile. Oh well, such is the way of writing. One must edit, so that’s my weekend ahead–editing.

By way of sewing…yeah, I have nothing. I hope to get a little time with it tomorrow as Saturdays are really my day to get the wearable arts time in.

I am going to be interviewed this month. The interview will go live on the 28th I think so I’m working on answering the questions. The difficult part is that people always ask me about “favorites” and I really don’t have favorites so much. Are there things I like a little more than others? Sure. Would I call them my favorite outright? No. I just like them a lot, but I wouldn’t say I like them above all else. Isn’t that a favorite–liking something above all else? It’s like the favorite author question. I would say Linda Howard used to be one of my favorites. The keywords there are “one of” because I couldn’t just say she’s the only favorite. Since I can’t say she’s the only favorite, is it really right for me to answer the “who’s your favorite author question” with “Linda Howard” as my response? That’s my fall back response anyway…but I’m not so sure that’s accurate.

Some of the “favorite” questions are easier to answer while others are just impossible for me. Like when somebody asks me about my “favorite snack.” I don’t have one. Let’s see, I like fruit when I get hungry between meals. But sometimes I like a salad. Is a salad a snack? Hmmm…oh well, let’s just say some of these questions are going to be difficult to answer. I have a little time before I need to get the interview back in so I shall work hard at making sure I answer things that I can, and explain the things I can’t. Basically, doing an interview with questions where it’s like…I don’t know because that doesn’t apply to me, is really hard. Any tips on how to do those? Feel free to chime in in the comment section please.

On top of the above, I have to release the June book early because I have something it has to be available for this month. It’s ready and has been ready for a while now, but I had planned on June and now it has moved up a couple weeks into May. I really love the psychological and emotional elements of the story so I can’t wait to share it. With hopes, some of the people who like my books can tell me if they got anything out of it. That is, do they see in the character what I see in the character when I’m reading the story. Now that would be a fun discussion. It’s like two people can read the same book and both see something different. I miss college for that reason–because the book discussions that happened could always open up new ideas. Even if I don’t agree with them it was always fun to hear what somebody else thought a particular passage meant. I know college isn’t the only place to get that, but it was the last place where I was when those kind of open discussions on books really happened.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a wonderful weekend you all 🙂


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