Wednesdays with the Arts: The Dress Keeps Moving

Okay, so the dress is not moving on its own ;), but I am coming along with this project. It’s going slow…yes, slow for me anyway, but I don’t have the time I used to have to spend full days sewing, so I work when I have the time and the energy. Working while low on either is a breeding ground for massive mistakes. So how am I doing so far on this dress?

Well, I told you all I wanted to change the design. The design in my head has changed a few times and that’s mostly because I have to rework things as I go. I drew out the basic pattern using an old pattern as my starting point and I made changes as I went. IMG_4417

Just ignore the tape measure there, it was serving as a paperweight for me. See, tools are definitely multifunctional :).

My next step was pin, cut, mark, serge. Now my mom got me started on serging my pieces before I start sewing and she did it because when I started sewing I had a really hard time keeping the fabric straight with the right line. Serging it before putting it together really helped me and it just stuck with me. Now, that being written, there are times when I forget to serge before putting things together, or I serge three sides and forget side four…yeah, it happens.

My next step was starting to put the pieces together. I didn’t want to bother my mom and she seemed to be keeping her distance. I’m glad she did. When I first started sewing I really needed her to sit in the room with me for moral support. It was also easy to fall back on, “mom, did I do this right?” type questions after I sewed a section together. As I became more comfortable with sewing I actually started to prefer when she wasn’t in the room with me. I liked the solidarity, and I stopped using her as my crutch. I started going it alone and making the call for myself. I know she’s just a yell away so if I need help I go to her, but now, I bother her less. Now, that being written, I did call on the powers of mom for help. I accidentally (cough) serged my (cough) pleat…oops! Who fixed it? Mom. She pretty much took one look and told me all was not lost. I just needed to rip a seam here, rip a seam there…and voila…Mom saved the pleat. Thanks mom :).

Once my pleats were safe I decided that I am still very much afraid of the serge machine. Yep, it’s still my least favorite sewing related machine. I guess you could say the machine and I have a love-hate relationship. It loves to cut up my fabric and I hate it ;). Seriously, it’s a really good machine to get used to so I’m glad I have gotten a little more comfortable with using it.

A piece sewn here, and there, and the end results are…well, no it’s not the end because it’s not finished yet, but these are the results to date:


There is so much left to do, but I’ll get to the finish line eventually. Have a fabulous Wednesday you all :).



  1. Sewing is similar to a puzzle. Getting all the pieces to fit together and not pull your hair out. Then there is the sewing machine? I haven’t work with a serge so good luck with that. You are so blessed to have your Mom help you. What you have post…looks awesome!

    • Thanks :).

      The serge isn’t so bad. I think what scares me about it is if a mistake is made it’s not as easy to fix as it would be with the sewing machine. Sometimes it’s not fixable at all and the piece has to be cut out all over again. I actually hate puzzles, but my mom is really good at them so maybe that’s why she’s so great at sewing too. Everything about sewing seems so easy to her.

  2. Very nice Capri! I like the design. Those pleats I know are tricky and have to be sew just right to lay flat. Looking good so far Mi Lady!

    Take care,

    • Thanks :). I have sewn the pleats down before, but the picture on the packaging for the dress I’m modifying the design for has them kind of flaring away from dress so I thought I would try it. Of course I think their pleats are facing down while mine seem to be facing up. Another oops I guess, but I’ll go with it and see how it looks when I finish.

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