Wednesdays with the Arts: Sewing Updates

I know, it’s Thursday in some places, but it’s still Wednesday in others. This is just a quick sewing update. I haven’t gotten as much done as I would have liked to. I have been busy with writing (work for me) and yard work. I put in part of the design and with my mother’s input and help we got most of the stonework done for the front. It’s not elaborate. We’re not in an HOA, but the city might as well be one. Plus between our neighbor’s cat pooping all over the yard in the dark hours of the morning, and our other neighbor’s dog doing it…well, it just kind of takes the joy out of landscaping the front yard. We’re hoping to get the backyard really pretty with a stone path but we may have to wait until autumn/fall to get started on that. The backyard is fenced in, but the city won’t allow the front yard to have a fence so there is no way to keep the animals out. We have tried those nifty little boxes that supposedly deter animals from the yard. The only thing they manage to do is hurt my ears. We have even tried some of the natural remedies of sprays. I’m not sure what else we can do. It’s sad when people have no respect for others and they can’t keep their pets and their kids off other people’s property.

Anyway, by way of sewing I did get the pattern reworked for the most part. I have cut the pieces out and made a dent in the top section of the dress. The pleats are done for the middle front so I need to baste them around the edges and then I’ll have to attach the middle front to the top section. Once I get that part done I will have to get started on the skirt to the dress. I’m making most of my changes with the skirt and the back of the dress. I’m kind of taking a “seat of my pants” approach so I’m going to be a while on the changes I’m sure. I know what I want to do; I just haven’t done it before. So provided the weekend is good to me I would like to find time Saturday to just go into the sewing room and spend the greater half of the day getting farther along in the construction of the dress. I’ll even be sure to take pictures next time :).

Things I love about sewing:

Custom made clothes that fit my body perfectly.

Getting the style I want.

Getting the colors and fabric I want.

The happy feelings I get from completing a project and feeling confident enough to step outside the house wearing it.

Things I hate about sewing:

Turning loops and straps ;).

Yeah, currently that’s the only thing I hate right now. Just wait until I work on pants again…I’m sure I can find something else. Pants are not my friend. I think they intentionally get themselves put together in ways that has even my mother trying to figure out what went wrong and then laughing the moment she figures it out. Of course it’s all the pants fault don’t you know; I have been sewing too long to put pants together wrong ;). Yeah, I know, if I did less dresses and more pants I wouldn’t keep making strange mistakes that make my pants impossible to put on. If I make the same mistake next time I’ll take a picture and show you. You can laugh as hard as we do 😉

Have a great day you all :).


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