Fly on the Wall Sunday: Called to Duty

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Called to Duty ~ Available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble:

Alexander and his military team are completely out of their element when they go from fighting in a modern day war to being the Hail Mary of an ancient one. Will their honor, valor and skill help the Nubians win a war against a murderous Pharaoh? Or will a displacement in time cost these men their life?

Called to Duty



When she came to she was in a holding cell with four men; men who looked foreign, as if they were not meant to be in her time. And then she knew, she knew what had been done. Her mother had told her about the crossings of two worlds, and how when the fight was unbalanced, when the war had tipped the scale to the dishonorable, the goddess would bring equilibrium. Were these men friend, or foe? Were they brought for the side of the Nubians, or for the side of the Pharaoh? She could only guess that he had yet to determine their origin, and their loyalty. If he knew the answers to those questions they would either be with his men or killed just as all those who opposed the Pharaoh’s oppression had been killed before.

Not many knew of the tale that passed along the Nubian tribes for the ability to travel the times was determined to be a fate the goddess Amesemi had blessed the Nubians with and had not shared with any other people.

“Who are you?” The one with the raven hair and the crisp blue eyes asked her.

“Who are you?” She countered.

“I’m Alexander Dumas. This here is Gregory Shields,” he pointed to the blond with the catlike eyes. This color for human eyes was foreign to her, yet those eyes were beautiful. “That’s Mitchell Davis,” the other had dark eyes and reddish brown hair. He too was tall, foreign, and a warrior, she was sure of that. “And last but not least we have Ian Jacobs.” He was shorter, but no less big in muscles. All four men would make great warriors in her court someday.

“Now, who are you?”

“I am Nefertari, Nubian princess warrior.”

He chuckled. “They hit you a little too hard huh? Nubia’s been gone a long time.”

“Never! Nubia shall not fall to that wretched beast. I will die before he conquers my people.” She was the only one left in line for the throne. In Nubia it was not impossible for women to rule. The strongest warrior of the family would rise up and be ruler. Unfortunately, this war had claimed everybody, except her brother and he was not interested in ruling. He was only interested in fighting and leading the men into war. He had told their father as much. If her father had listened to her he would have been safe on Nubian land, but he left and the traitor to their people, to their king, had betrayed them, leading him into an ambush.

“Look, I don’t know what’s going on, but things are kind of sketchy here. There’s no electricity, or running water…”

“Electricity? What is that?”

“Um…wow…” Ian looked flustered and at a loss for words.

“You are from what time?”

“Excuse me?”

“When do you come from?”

“You mean where?”

“You are not from here I know, but what time? What year?”

“Two thousand twelve,” he balked.

She gasped. “Goddess! I can’t believe she searched so far ahead. You must be very skilled warriors.” She shook her head trying to clear the emotions and thoughts racing wildly within her. “What garb is that you wear?”

“Our uniforms,” he took a step back from her. “Is this some kind of joke? Are you crazy or just a ploy to get us to divulge military secrets? I can give you name rank and serial number, but you won’t get anything else from me.”

She chuckled. “I do not need anything else other than to know that we have the same enemy. If you are entrusted to the Pharaoh then I will kill you, just as I will kill him for what he has done to my father. But first I will make Hex pay for his betrayal. That is the oath I swear to the goddess. My father’s death will not go unpunished.”

Called to Duty ~ Available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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