Friday Dish: Oh What a Week

It has been a rather busy week filled with errands, writing, editing and sewing…okay, sewing hasn’t been all week, but I’m counting it anyway. I did actually start on my dress design idea. I’m still sorting out the vision in my head with reality—trying to make it all come together beautifully that is. This is going to take a while I’m sure, but at least I have gotten started so that’s a plus. I would share with you all on Wednesday, but this upcoming Wednesday will be the second Wednesday of the month and I have to post the Indie Life blog post since I’m still signed up for it. The good thing is by the time I’m able to share my progress I should have a good amount of progression to share…maybe…maybe not ;).

Also this week I did an interview that should be up on Sunday. I’ll post the link once I have it, so that link will most likely surface in the Fly on the Wall Sunday post.

The release party on my fan page is Saturday. After the party I’m planning to knit. I have wrist warmers for my mom that I need to make a bigger dent in than I have done already. And with hopes, Sunday I will have a chance to really get a lot of my sewing project done.

It has been a busy week and there is still so much to come, but that’s not a bad thing. A little busy is good; remember? Next week’s schedule is filled to the rim with writing activities as I do have stories I need to finish writing, and stories I’m very close to finished with my round of edits. I like to edit as much as I can before I hand it off to my editor. Then I edit some more when I get it back.

Oh and in case you forgot the April Newsletter is up so you can go check it out. Are you able to solve the Unscramble Me puzzle?

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a great weekend you all :).


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