Fly on the Wall Sunday: The Cellist

In passion, with heart, with love. To the gates of hell and beyond. One cellist will sacrifice everything for love.

Johannes is smart, talented, and a force of passionate furry when it comes to demanding perfection from the orchestra he conducts. And until Yessenia came along that force had never been questioned, never shaken and never challenged. This sweet little cellist has a fire that he recognizes as the gateway to success. He has plans for her and he has started moving the musical notes in a direction that will take her straight to the top where he knows she belongs. But when circumstances arise, circumstances that threaten the future she could have and the freedom he now possesses, can Johan conduct the most important symphony of his life with perfection; or will Yessenia’s sacrifice cost her everything she has worked so hard to gain?

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The cellist front cover


They weren’t even three minutes into the song when she heard her mistake. She was hoping he wouldn’t, but he had. He stopped them all and looked directly at her. How could he tell exactly who had mucked up this time? And why did it have to be her?

“It is not B-flat. It is just B,” he looked at her pointedly. “Do not let it happen again.”

She was so nervous her bladder was ready to burst. She always said when she got nervous her bladder was the first thing to go and God knows she was nervous now. Of course they hadn’t had a break all morning either and it was now after one, so the bladder issue could just be the result of not going since she left home this morning.

He led them in the piece again and she heard it, she felt it when her finger didn’t make the correct shift back from fourth to first and there it was again—B-flat.

“Yessenia,” he growled.

“I’m sorry,” she snapped. “But when people yell at me it just gets under my skin and it makes me completely insane!” She felt her ponytail flapping from side to side as if she were trying to conduct an orchestra with her hair. She had her Kate from French Kiss moment and she was sure he hadn’t expected it because he looked shocked—no, he looked afraid. Well good. She was tired of being picked on and she was tired of being yelled at. In all her years of dreaming of being here she had never dreamed of being yelled at like she was a dog in training.

She heard the silent, yet somehow still audible, gasp from the other company members. She was probably going to get fired. He was definitely going to fire her.

He shook his hair, blond silky straight strands fluttered across his shoulder. “Well,” he said. “Again.”

They all commenced playing and once again she messed up. “Yessenia,” he said in a low, yet somewhat sexy voice. God she loved the way he said her name. “Did you just play B-flat again?”

“No. I played A-sharp.”

Everybody sat silent and she wasn’t sure what would happen next, but Johan did the unthinkable. He tossed his head back and laughed heartedly.

Available online via Amazon, Lulu and Barnes and Noble right now. For more information on current and upcoming books stop by the Capri Montgomery website.



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