Friday Dish: Um…Yeah…

I thought I had already posted the Friday Dish…I guess I was dreaming ;). Seriously, I thought of doing this early this morning, got sidetracked and forgot. Basically, I derailed the train on the way to Blog Land. Sorry I’m late, but it’s Friday as you know so today is about the Dish. Now, just so we’re clear, I think the Spring is in the Air blog hop is still going through the end of the day so I will refrain from drawing a winner until I get up in the morning (provided I don’t get derailed again) and I’ll alert the winner at that time. Actually, I’ll just email you (the winner) the book. See, I can remember that…I think. It’s been one of those manic weeks so you can’t blame me for a little forgetfulness here.

I said it was a manic week; and boy was it! Gosh, tests, prepping for class next week, trying to get the newest release ready and uploaded while doing book cover designs and book trailers, meetings, special events, more meetings with contractors, not to mention still focusing on getting my new business off the ground…yeah, busy. But the week has been okay. A little busy is a good thing–a lot of busy might just drive you crazy ;). Seriously, I’m okay.

So I talked about the new release and book trailers. I showed you all the book trailer on Wednesday…I’m fairly sure of that…so today I’ll just give you the blurb and the buy link in case you’re interested in reading it. And please don’t forget that the next installment of the Capri Montgomery Books Newsletter will be up in April so come check it out at You can subscribe to it too. I’m curious how many people can master the Unscramble Me segment of the newsletter.

The cellist front cover

In passion, with heart, with love. To the gates of hell and beyond. One cellist will sacrifice everything for love.

Johannes is smart, talented, and a force of passionate furry when it comes to demanding perfection from the orchestra he conducts. And until Yessenia came along that force had never been questioned, never shaken and never challenged. This sweet little cellist has a fire that he recognizes as the gateway to success. He has plans for her and he has started moving the musical notes in a direction that will take her straight to the top where he knows she belongs. But when circumstances arise, circumstances that threaten the future she could have and the freedom he now possesses, can Johan conduct the most important symphony of his life with perfection; or will Yessenia’s sacrifice cost her everything she has worked so hard to gain?

Available now on Amazon, and Lulu (print), and coming soon to Barnes and Noble.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend you all :).


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