Wednesdays with the Arts: Edible Trailers and the Naked Cupcake

No, the book trailers aren’t edible…I just love doing that to you all :).

Sweet edible creations–that’s the treasure I found in my kitchen adventures. Last time I followed this insane recipe…okay, not so insane I just didn’t like it…it was too much lemon. So I opted to change the recipe and make my lemon coconut cake kind of like my mom used to make it when she was in the kitchen a lot. First, I cut the recipe in half and then cut it in half again. I’m cooking for two, not ten and my mom can’t eat sweets after 24 hours and I don’t eat a lot of them so I end up throwing a lot away even if I only make a half recipe. Interesting enough, cutting the recipe basically down to a fourth and making them cupcakes yielded four cupcakes (regular size cupcakes). Two a piece but I only ate one and gave my mom the other three.

Problem number 1: I ran out of milk so I didn’t make icing to go on my cake.

Problem number 2: I didn’t hear my mother when she gave me an alternative option to milk, so again, I didn’t make my coconut icing :(. I really was craving coconut…not sure why, but I was.

Problem number 3: I was going to put sprinkles on top. No icing meant no sugar crystal sprinkles…which actually was probably a good thing.

Positive byproduct of running out of milk: I sprinkled powder sugar, a.k.a. confectioners sugar, atop my naked cupcakes. Oh my goodness that was so good. I want to do that again so I think next time I make the cupcakes I’ll put icing on half of the cupcakes and powder sugar on the other half.

Now, about those trailers…book trailers don’t ya know ;). Here is my latest for the upcoming release ~ The Cellist…which thanks to my expert counting abilities (yeah…not so expert) will be out this month instead of April…just a couple days early. I had to shake my head at myself. I don’t count the day we’re on when I count the days until release because I pretty much see the day as being practically over. What? I get up at 2:00 a.m. by noon the day feels like it’s over and my mind is already thinking of the next day no matter how much work I have left to do for the day we’re actually on. In either case, “about four days” until release does not make April. So since I did say “about four days” and people are waiting for it, I will release it early. That was my mistake so I’ll own it. This book should be out by Saturday. You can watch the video right here. Happy Wednesday you all; don’t forget to fill it with art 🙂



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