Wednesdays with the Arts: Spring is in the Air Blog Hop

XOXO Spring Blog Hop

Spring is in the air. Happy spring you all :). What does spring mean to me? Longer daylight hours—which is good and bad depending on how you look at it. Flowers…yay, that garden I planted should soon have flowers to go with the green. More yard work—I actually don’t mind yard work. Like Angel in Redemption I love to design and plant and grow my garden into something beautiful… when I have time that is ;). Of course Angel is a thousand times better than I am. She snags the contract for retired military Blain Ashworth’s estate. Blain is still trying to find the person who killed his family and while he hasn’t been willing to entertain the thought of dating, Angel changes that stance with one meeting. She’s smart, attractive and dangerous to his heart. And when trouble follows her to town, combined with a killer from Blain’s past, Blain faces the possibility of losing another woman he loves.

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Spring also means one step closer to summer vacations. Unlike Donatella Giovanni I do not want to take a cruise through the Bermuda Triangle only to end up vanishing from the ship to end up on an island with a sexy Roman warrior from the past and a lot of huge creatures she thought only existed in science fiction movies. No, I would prefer smooth sailing thank you very much.

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Spring: warm weather, gentle breezes, long walks in the park, catching waves at the beach, romance, nature, what’s not to love about spring–the season for rejuvenation of nature, love, and life.

This being a blog hop and all I am sure you all know there are prizes to be won. Let’s talk about the grand prize first. The grand prize is an e-book package from XOXO’s Publishing authors. Be sure to leave your email address in your comment so if you win, you can receive your prize.XOXO eBook Prize Package

Now for my prize, I’m offering an e-book as well. I told you about one of the books in the Men of Action series above. Well, I’m offering (1) PDF of The Admiral’s Daughter—the first book in the series.  I will be drawing one random winner so be sure to leave your name and email address for my portion of the prize too.

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Now, please hop onward to the other blogs in the hop if you haven’t already done so. Happy Spring to you :).



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