Fly on the Wall Sunday: Inferno

Inferno, part of the Men of Action series is available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in e-book and on Lulu in print.

Smokejumper Chase Carrigan has been patiently stepping aside for his brother for far too long. If Trent can’t recognize a good woman when one comes his way then Chase will be more than happy to pursue the beautiful Tanah Malloy. But when a deadly killer seeks to claim her first, can Chase go beyond his duty and protect the woman he loves?

Inferno ebook cover



“Where are you going dressed like that?” He pointed his finger up and down her body. She looked down at her clothes.

“Hot date,” Jillian provided.

“No,” Tanah laughed. “I have a business meeting.”

Chase growled. “With my brother,” he nearly barked as he took hold of her arm and led her out the building. She had to nearly jog to keep up with him.

“What are you doing?”

“Are you still trying to get my brother to notice you? I thought maybe you were over him, but you’re still trying aren’t you?”

“He’s not the Carrigan I’m trying to get,” she mumbled.


“Nothing,” she said quickly, realizing she had uttered her thoughts out loud. “I’m not after your brother.”

“You’re after me?”

“Um…I…” Suddenly she felt a massive load of fear and insecurity hit her. “I have to go,” she turned to leave, pressing down hard on the remote on her keypad to unlock the door.

“Wait,” he grabbed hold of her arm and turned her back to face him.

“No, I really have to go. I have a meeting. Definitely have to go—” The loud boom hit her ears before she felt Chase pulling her to the ground and covering her with his body. It took a moment to realize something had exploded and even longer to realize all the activity of the smokejumpers leaping into action was because it was her car that had exploded.

“What…what happened to my car?”

“It blew up…”

Find out how the story develops from beginning to end with your own copy of Inferno from legal purchases on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and in print on Lulu. Happy Sunday you all.


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