Friday Dish: Behind the Scenes

It’s Friday and I mentioned earlier in the week that I had something special for this Friday’s Dish…well, I do. I worked hard on this, and I really love the book too, so the fact that my project turned out rather well has me excited, and happy to see it come together. You’re the first to get to see it here on the blog. Yes, the debut is right here on the blog. Thanks for sticking with me through my blogging, for commenting, liking posts and being here. So today I am giving you the first look at my something special.

The Making of a Movie…um…Book Trailer ;).

My books start off as movies in my head, so obviously that could cause some problems when I’m buying stock photos for covers and book trailers. I take a lot into consideration. I ask myself questions like do any of these photos fit current books or possible future books? No, I’m not psychic, but I know my mind runs from suspense romance to science fiction. I write books with a diverse cultural background for my characters so I try to find photos that fit. I lucked out on this one.

Marguerite Roxton

It’s all about the hair

While the face of Marguerite in my story is not quite the face of the woman in the picture, the hair is perfect. I really needed a picture of a woman with long curly hair to fit my fictional character and something about the woman in the picture still, while not a perfect match, seemed to work. Again, it could have been the hair thing…the hair was very important for this.

Cash Phillips

Attitude with Cute Factor

When I saw this guy’s photo I thought—that is my Cash. Not that he’s a perfect match to my Cash, but he embodies him so well that honestly, I could see him as Cash. His pictures just show confidence, a man with purpose, who knows what he wants and has very little trouble going after it. He looked like he could be my Cash. I have no idea if the man can act, but if I were actually making a movie, he would totally be at the top of my casting list. Since I saw him and thought “he’s my Cash,” I decided to use his photo. Now I happen to think he’s kind of cute so I bought quite a few of the pictures with him in it ;). Yeah, I like tall dark and handsome, and while I don’t typically go for facial hair I am so loving it on this guy.

Casting the Look

Anyway, finding pictures of people who represent my fictional characters is rare, but if they come close or can serve the purpose for what I need then I’ll buy the photo, or use one of the ones I have already purchased. This book I got really fortunate with because I found people who are very close to how I saw the characters in my head. Unlike with The Cellist where I needed a guy with long blond hair dressed in a tux and I ended up with a guy with short black hair dressed in a tux. He’s cute, he works, but he’s not my Johan…ah well, such is life. I still love the cover anyway.

So what’s my something special I’m sharing today? My book trailer for Serenity Point of course! I am very proud of this trailer. It took a lot of time to find the right song and then to cut it to use the pieces of the song I felt best fit my video. I had to have the wording for the video just right, but that actually just came to me. I tweaked it here and there. I redid the video a few times because I noticed errors that needed to be fixed. And by the finished product I was so happy with the end result that I couldn’t stop talking about it. So, without further ado, here is the first look at Serenity Point. Yes, you get to see it first right here in the Friday Dish.

The Preview of the Movie to Come…Um, Book 😉


That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Enjoy the video and have a great weekend you all.





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