Fly on the Wall Sunday: When the Heart Breaks

When the Heart Breaks is available now on Amazon, Barnes and noble, and in print on Lulu. Seona Carson is dying and her first thought is about the two people she’s leaving behind; her husband Antonio Carson, and her sister, Ailey Rogers. She makes them promise to watch after each other, to help each other through the pain, but the promise she asks them to make does not come without a price.

Ailey and Antonio don’t find each other to be the easiest person to get along with, but when the heart breaks sometimes it needs a friend to help put it back together. The bond these two form pushes beyond the lines of friendship. But when the tears clear how can Ailey know that Antonio is falling for her because of the woman she is and not just because she’s identical to the woman he lost?

When the Heart Breaks




“Are you kidding me? I try, okay. I have a lot on my plate right now and I just lose track of things.”

“Like your health insurance,” he snapped.

“I had to let it go.”

“After everything…everything,” he slammed the palm of his hand against the steering wheel, “that you watched Seona go through you let your insurance go!?”

“I didn’t have the money,” she tossed the words out. “Four hundred fifty-six dollars a month isn’t something I could afford and with the business…well, let’s just say things have been tight. Now I have a hospital bill and ambulance transport to add to the list of bills.”

“I don’t believe this,” he mumbled.

“Look,” she unfastened her seatbelt and turned to face him and he followed suit by unfastening his and turning to face her. “I am not your devoir. You do not have to feel the need to take care of me.”

“Not my devoir,” he shook his head. “God, woman; do you even…” He took one look at her soft skin and the way her silky hair fell against her small breasts. He let out a frustrated growl and then he let go. Something within him snapped and he found himself grabbing hold of her upper arms and yanking her across the console nearly into his lap before crushing her lips with his, using his tongue to part her lips before slipping his tongue inside her mouth and devouring her with the force of a man letting go of pent up need.

He kissed her mercilessly, completely, passionately as he explored every crevice of her warm mouth. He hadn’t expected it, but she kissed him back meeting thrust for thrust as passionately as he and whatever control he may have had left shattered completely at the feel of her hands gripping the sides of his arms.

He slipped his hand into her hair, fisting it and pulling her head back to allow a deeper angle of entry for his tongue to conquer hers. Each moan she emitted made him increase the intensity of his kiss as his free hand traveled across her arm and expertly continued its path until it found what it sought—the soft mound that he craved to touch yielded to the palm of his hand as he pressed, smoothed, caressed and then squeezed, massaging the delicate breast and drawing another moan from her which he smothered with his assault on her mouth.

God he wanted this, wanted her. He wanted to unfasten her pants, pull them down, pull her on to his lap and release his growing erection for entry into her. God he wanted her so much. He wanted to take her hard and fast, relentlessly taking her body, possessing it completely as if it were his to claim. He wanted to take her body with the same possession that he was claiming her mouth.

Something logical broke through that lustful fog and had him pushing himself away from her swiftly. He needed to think, to breathe, to escape. He pushed open his door, nearly hopping out the car before slamming the door closed and leaving her alone in the car. He just had to compose himself. He had to get his head together because this wasn’t right. She wasn’t right. It was too soon, he told himself as he paced outside the car. It was too soon, but God if he didn’t want her…he wanted her still. “Jesus,” he grumbled.

When the Heart Breaks is what I call a dramatic romance. Ailey and Antonio struggle to support each other through one of life’s most unwelcome visitors–death. Buy your copy and find out how they survive in When the Heart Breaks ~ available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and also in print on Lulu.


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