Friday Dish: Starting Point

Hello you all :). It’s March and all sorts of new things start this month…seasons, time changes, newsletters ;). I’m happy to announce that I kicked off the Capri Montgomery Books Newsletter today. It’s fresh, it’s posted and it’s ready for reading. I have fun facts about the month of March, along with a fun word game. Go on over and see if you can Unscramble Me.

The newsletters are only once a month so the next one won’t be up until April.

This morning I also have my new release, Inferno, available on Barnes and Noble as an e-book and on Lulu as a print book. Amazon is a little slow, but it will be there soon too.

Inferno ebook cover

So what else is going on in this Friday Dish? I’m getting ready to start school. Yay! Of course that means busy, busy and more busy, but I’m excited. I have been trying to get into music school for several years now so I am excited that I am finally in. I have my first class next week. And, on top of that, I enrolled in a design program that also starts next week. The next school doesn’t start until summer, but if you’re keeping count, yes; that will be three schools. I’m planning to enroll in a Photoshop class not offered via any of the schools I will attend. I have the program, I might as well figure out how to use it. I prefer Corel myself, so I’ll probably mostly use that, but why have something installed on my computer if I’m not planning to utilize it? So, I figure one class could be fun. On the other end of that, it will depend on how busy my other classes keep me because those are higher in importance than learning how to play with Photoshop. Since I can do fabulous work in Corel I think for my business needs I’m doing well, but I do like continuous learning so I plan to keep learning.

Today is going to be crazy busy because I have edits to do, errands to run, stories to write and somewhere in there I might want to eat something ;)…basically, I’m going to have to cook.

I mentioned before this is the year of change for me and it is. I’m excited about the possibilities even though much work comes along with them. I’m ready for this. I’m a little scared too, but I’m ready. School is just a fraction of my world of changes. There are loads more to come, but I’ll save talking about them for when they’re actually off the ground floor.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a great weekend you all :).


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