Fly on the Wall Sunday: Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is one of the books in the Men of Action series. It is also part of the Nine Days of Discounts involved in my storefront changes. It’s 10% off for the e-book until 6:00 p.m. 2.24.13 and then the next book goes into the discount lane. So grab your copy at a discounted price while you still can.

For now, here’s a Fly on the Wall look at Fahrenheit.

Men of Action series book cover.

Eve McGregor is feeling the heat as she works as a photojournalist covering several arson related fires in Palm Coast, Florida. When she meets a sexy fireman intent on turning up another kind of heat can she allow him to conquer her heart without getting burned by the fire?


“Somebody blew up an entire apartment complex to get to you, Eve,” Drake’s tone turned deadly serious. “That hardly falls into the category of nothing.”

“Well, technically it wasn’t the entire—”

“Eve,” Adam stood up, folded his arms across his chest and scowled at her.

“Fine,” she said measurably docile. “It was something. Jeeze, if the two of you are going to team up on me I’m going to have to make sure I keep you both apart.”

“What can I do to help?” Adam didn’t care if he was supposed to be resting. He had rested enough. Right now somebody was after Eve and he planned to be sure he helped keep her safe.

“I go where she goes,” Drake said. His intentions were clear. If Eve planned to stay at his place until he was back at work then Drake was staying as well.

“I have a spare bedroom,” he noted. Eve had been crashing in his bed anyway. For some reason, and he mostly knew why, she had been afraid to leave his side. So while she slept under the covers he slept on top of them. She would have to get comfortable with the dangers of his job. In so many ways she was more understanding than some of the women he had dated before, but she was still worried. He couldn’t have her going off to work every day worried that he might not make it home. She had a high enough risk job herself. She was often in the heart of danger taking photographs for the world to see, and she needed to be focused on her own safety, not worried about his. For now, however, he would let her adjust to what happened, to the fact that they had both almost died that day. He would let her adjust to the fact that if she hadn’t crossed the fire line to get to him he would have died that day. Once time passed she would be a little more at ease letting him out of her sight for more than five minutes. He hoped she got comfortable with it sooner rather than later because the second he had the all clear from the doctors to return to work he was going in.

Fahrenheit ~ Available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and for a short time longer on Lulu. Stop by the Capri Montgomery website for information on upcoming books, current books and more.


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