Friday Dish: The Year of Change

Change is not always good, but if there is one thing that is a definite, it is that change is inevitable—whether you want it to be or not, it’s going to happen. You can either conform to the change, embrace the change with open arms or you can change your attitude toward the change. In changing your attitude you’ll change your perspective and maybe you’ll find that you neither have to conform, nor embrace, but rather find another way.

I mentioned before, here I think, that this might be the year of change for me. I honestly believe that to be true. I’m going back to school (three different ones actually) and not to finish my doctorate degree, but rather to embark on a new path. I have also decided to leave the e-book world mostly behind (just Lulu, not everywhere else). Whatever books come down when they make their changes will stay down, and I will probably slowly, yet systematically, take down what’s left and leave only the print books. Those don’t really sell so shutting down completely would work, but on the other end of that I might really want to leave them up for people who still like to read print and don’t mind a POD book.

It is my hope to start my own store late this year. My hope, and my reality may not be in tune with each other, but that doesn’t mean I can’t work on it. I am researching, and planning, plotting ;), and I’m going to try my hardest to make this a change that actually works for me.

I’m also trying to solidify goals. I’m more of the type that knows what I want, or at least have an idea, but haven’t always sat down to write down my goals. And I think that’s important to do because it will help me to formulate my plan for attaining the things I want instead of just dreaming about getting them.

So what I need to do, and this is definitely not an overnight thing, is write up a list of my goals and then go one by one and develop a plan to make it happen. I cannot compare myself to anybody else because their goals are not mine. I cannot sit back and think that person X attained their goal with little effort, and person Y put in some, but still reached it in a short amount of time. I cannot look at the changes I want for my life and base my accomplishments on somebody else’s completion of goals.

So this is the year of change for me, and I know it will be. I might not get everything I want, but I am determined to work hard at getting at least some of the things I want. So my plan for this weekend (besides working) is sitting down with pen and paper and writing down a list of my goals, figuring out exactly what I want so I can make a plan to get it. I’m not going to focus on time limits, or unrealistic and euphoric ideas of success, but rather I will focus on me, what I’m capable of doing, and going beyond if I can.

Thanks for joining me on an introspective Dish. That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Enjoy your weekend everybody.


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