Wednesdays with the Arts: The Art of Changes

I don’t have any real kitchen adventures to report today. Although I did make another pizza and I think it shaped a little better…still not perfectly round, but for me it was pretty good.

Anyway, today is not about kitchen adventures or knitting adventures; it’s about the art of changes. As some of you know I have been selling in my Lulu storefront since about early 2007. Well, I’m closing it. Lulu is making changes again and sometimes when a company goes in reverse it just isn’t the best fit anymore. Sometimes you have to move on. So, my e-books will be leaving Lulu. By extension I am still trying to figure out if my print books will stay up. Nobody buys POD books from my store so I don’t think it would hurt anybody if I took the entire store off line.

That being said, I am doing the Nine Days of Discounts on Lulu for my storefront closing. A book a day will be discounted 10%. It started last night with Dangerous Obsessions and that book will be discounted until 6:00 p.m. tonight at which time Watch Over Me will take its place. The idea is to run the sale until Lulu’s changes go into place and my e-books start to disappear from the store. I don’t think all of the e-books will be impacted, but the majority of them will so those will be down first. I believe changes go into place March 12, 2013. It’s Lulu and while they are sometimes a little slow on changes I think these will go through as scheduled because they have been plotting this for a while it would seem. The price listed once the book is up for the discount for the day will be the 10% off. There is no way for me to drop the price with just displaying a discount symbol for the e-book. The print book has that option, but not e-books…not sure why, but it doesn’t so I’ll have to manually drop the price on each book as I go and then reset them to the normal price after their day on the discount block is up.

All of the books will still be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble so you’ll still be able to get them. Later this year I hope to have them available elsewhere too, but for now (after March 12th) Amazon and B&N will be the places where they are available.

The discounted book order will be as follows:

Dangerous Obsessions (available now until 6:00 p.m. today on Discount)

Watch Over Me

Shadow Hills: Fallen Hero

The Admiral’s Daughter


Love’s Last Hope


A Rancher’s Love

Heart of Danger

So that’s it; the art of changes is sometimes finding what works for you and being willing to let go when it no longer does.


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