Fly on the Wall Sunday: Redemption

Blaine Ashworth is on the hunt for the murderer of his family. Can he solve the mystery before another woman becomes a casualty of his war? Or does Angel Ducain have her own demons chasing her?

Redemption print cover


“Did you hit your head when you fell?” He didn’t want to leave her alone if she had the possibility of a concussion.

“I hit something,” she mumbled. “I don’t think it was my head.” She laughed, but it wasn’t a laugh filled with humor. “I saw this movie.”

“What movie?” She wasn’t coherent, maybe he should have taken her to the hospital. Maybe she had hit her head.

“That movie you know…those kids survived death and then death came back for them. That’s my story now. You saved my life when I was supposed to die and now death is going to get me one way or the other.”

“You think that’s funny!” He barked. “This isn’t a movie. This is real life.”

“Yeah, and I’m really close to being dead in real life too.”

He growled. “You can’t trust me to protect you?”

“I trust you. But like you said, this isn’t a movie. Anything can happen.”

Redemption is available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as e-books. It is available on Lulu as a print book and for a limited time as a PDF e-book.


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