Fly on the Wall Sunday: Heart of Danger

Don’t forget that the first book of the year, When the Heart Breaks, is available now on Amazon and B&N. If you’re looking for a print copy that is currently available on Lulu. You can read an excerpt on my Capri Montgomery Books website too. Now, onward to the Fly on the Wall Sunday post :).

Heart of Danger print

When Natalia Bright agreed to go to Australia to help her best friend with her move she never expected events to turn fatal. An outback tour goes horribly wrong when the group of eleven people stumble upon drug runners. When she finds herself being held captive the only hope she has is that the four military men she works for will utilize their search and rescue skills and come for her. She holds out hope, but when Colombian drug lord, Diego Valdez arrives and claims his money and her, her hopes of rescue diminish. Can the man she’s been falling in love with for the past eight years use his skills to find her? Will the men she’s watched bring so many hostages home safe return her to her world? Or will she be one lost “package” in a long line of Diego Valdez’s captive women.


Natalia looked up through the empty spaces in the barb wire fence. She was stuck in that compound whether she wanted to be or not—and clearly she didn’t want to be stuck there. When she agreed to go with Kelly on the outback tour, she had no idea they would find themselves knee deep in a pile of horse manure. Not literally of course. But their guide, of the ten person tour, had managed to take them to a remote area of the outback and they had just happened to turn up there on a day when the drug cartel was doing its business. Ten people dead and she, she was the only one left alive. She watched her best friend get shot in the heart right in front of her. She watched her bleed out as she tried to hold her hand over the wound. She watched the life leave her eyes and in that moment she knew she was next. She was the only one left, so she had no doubt that her fate would be the same.

Instead of killing her, they took her prisoner. Apparently Senior Valdez was going to be flying in from Colombia to Australia to finalize their business and he liked the darker women. They were holding her there for him, so that he could take her back to Colombia and do whatever he wanted with her. They left the dead bodies where they lay because they said the animals would clean it up for them. Those bastards had murdered ten people and now they were going to let them be picked apart for dinner. And her friend, the woman who was more of a sister to her, more a part of her heart than anybody had ever been, had been among those killed. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right. Yet it had happened. Her heart was breaking. She knew the finality of death. She knew that she would never see Kelly again. She would never hear her laugh or share the memories of yesteryear with her. She was gone, and no amount reliving the moment when her heart stopped beating was going to bring her back.

“If Kelly were here she would tell you to fight, Natalia. She would tell you to fight like hell.” But what could she do? Where could she go? She was locked in a compound surrounded by barbwire fencing. She was in a foreign country, in the middle of nowhere, and even if she could get out she wouldn’t know which way to go once she did.

She sighed, watching the sun flitter through the fence. She had to get out of here. She had to escape, but how could she? Their tour group wasn’t due to get back to base camp for two days. She wasn’t due to leave for home for another four days, and that meant nobody would be looking for the group and nobody would be looking for her. By the time they realized something had gone wrong, and that she was missing, Senior Valdez would already have her moved.

“Find me guys,” she prayed.

Heart of Danger is available now on Amazon and B&N and for a few weeks more on Lulu.


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