Foiled Again

Okay, I couldn’t resist saying that…um…typing that 😉 title. Sorry I missed Wednesdays with the Arts, but I was…well…spending Wednesday with the arts :). Photography stuff, but fun, and it took a lot longer than I had planned so I didn’t get a chance to really blog about anything. If I can get started on the dress I’m making I’ll have a post on the wearable arts again. Although with Valentine’s Day coming up maybe I’ll make some candy and talk edible arts…I don’t know yet.

Tomorrow a blog hop starts so my Friday Dish post is being taken over again. That’s okay, most of what I could Dish about would be writing, landscaping, writing again and fake peanut butter. Did you know there was fake peanut butter? I didn’t know that until I read the side of the jar and it had, in fine print, “less fat than real peanut butter.” If that wasn’t real peanut butter I do wonder what I had one bite of…whatever it was, I was allergic to it so no more fake peanut butter for me. In fact, I am now afraid of real peanut butter too. Let’s just say I am not sure I’ll be making peanut butter cookies any time soon.

Okay, that’s it really. Blog hop tomorrow, Grow With Words on Saturday, Fly on the Wall on Sunday and with hopes, for the next Wednesdays with the Arts I’ll have something arttastic to share. Arttastic 😉 I know that’s not a word, but I just made it one for me :).


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