Fly on the Wall Sunday Heart of Danger

I don’t think I have talked about this one in a little while and I have been thinking about it off and on over the past week. So today I’m giving you a Fly on the Wall look at the first book in the Special Ops series Search and Rescue segment–Heart of Danger.

Heart of Danger print

When Natalia Bright agreed to go to Australia to help her best friend with her move she never expected events to turn fatal. An outback tour goes horribly wrong when the group of eleven people stumble upon drug runners. When she finds herself being held captive the only hope she has is that the four military men she works for will utilize their search and rescue skills and come for her. She holds out hope, but when Colombian drug lord, Diego Valdez arrives and claims his money and her, her hopes of rescue diminish. Can the man she’s been falling in love with for the past eight years use his skills to find her? Will the men she’s watched bring so many hostages home safe return her to her world? Or will she be one lost “package” in a long line of Diego Valdez’s captive women.


She sat in the back of the jeep, flanked on both sides by the men who put her there. They didn’t speak, they didn’t touch her either. She was sure that was because they knew if they touched what Valdez had declared as his they would soon be dead. Bloody hell, she needed help and she needed help fast. She needed a hero right now. Forget the feminist view of saving herself, she needed some serious help. She needed a hero.

Sure, she wanted to be Superwoman, knock these guys out and take off in the jeep, but her hands were tied behind her back, both men still had their guns in their shooting hands and those guns were subtlety aimed at her. One false move on her part and they could easily pull the trigger. She didn’t know how to get out of this. She didn’t know if she would survive. She just knew she had to fight like hell not to get taken back to Colombia. Once she ended up in his home she was sure what she thought was hell already would explode into a deeper level of it. Being here, held prisoner was like the first circle of Dante’s hell. Being at Valdez’s place…good gracious she wasn’t sure what level that would be, but she was sure it would kill her. Maybe it wouldn’t physically kill her, but emotionally, mentally…no, she couldn’t let him take her there. They would have to get on a plane to fly out of Australia. He most likely had something private, which meant a smaller airstrip. She would have to try to get away then. But how? Knee to the groin could work, but there were two men guarding her now, then there were five that went inside the smaller house with Valdez, and then there was Valdez himself. Okay, so she was outnumbered, outgunned and out powered, but she wasn’t outsmarted. She would think of something—preferably sooner rather than later.

As they drove through the desolate places of the outback she still hadn’t thought of anything. Wouldn’t it be nice if they hit a rock and the jeep rolled over; she thought. If that happened, since they hadn’t bothered to put a seatbelt on her then she would probably be dead instead of in a position for escape, but given her other alternative, being dead wasn’t sounding so bad right now.

The tour company would know by now that something was wrong since they hadn’t returned. Surely they would call emergency contacts for the people on the tour. Alex was her emergency contact which meant he would know by now too. The problem was that it wasn’t helping her now. They were on their way to an airplane that was going to take them back to Colombia while forcing her to go with them. By the time Alex got here she would already be gone. How would they find her?

“I know what you’re thinking,” the deep heavy accent of Diego Valdez interrupted the silence in the vehicle. She opted to keep her mouth shut this time instead of saying the first sardonic remark that came into her mind. “You are thinking of escape.”

“Way to go genius,” she mumbled before she could stop herself. Unfortunately, he had traded places with one of the guards and he was sitting right next to her. If he wanted to hit her again he was well within reach to do it.

He leaned in close to her and she tried to move away, but the big body on the other side of her didn’t leave room for movement. Diego wrapped his hand around her upper arm and yanked her closer to him until she was nearly sitting on his lap. He pushed his lips close to her ear. His hot breath fanned against her already warm skin. She felt sick, physically sick. She didn’t know if it was because of the stress of events, or if the man himself made her ill, but she could throw up right now if she didn’t get her stomach under control.

“You will never escape me,” he whispered before sliding his tongue over the curve of her ear. “Only in death,” he whispered and then licked her earlobe before catching it with his teeth and gently nipping it. “You are mine now.” He released her arm and sat back in his seat as if he had accomplished some victory.

“I will never be yours.” Her defiance was evident in her tone. She would never belong to him.

“How unfortunate for you.”

Heart of Danger is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu. Read more about Capri Montgomery books on my website.


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