Fly on the Wall Sunday: Deliverance

Happy Sunday you all :). If you’re looking for the New Year’s blog hop please click the link and it will take you right to it.

Now, on to the Fly on the Wall Sunday post. I really like Deliverance. I think it is one of my favorites in the Adventures Through Time series.


Touring NASA with a bunch of school kids; what could possibly go wrong? Desiree Clark is about to find out exactly what can go wrong when times collide and the world she knew vanishes before her eyes.

When an accident in the NASA facility lands Desiree on the bridge of a spaceship she’s quick to think somebody in NASA is playing a joke on her until the ship’s captain, Daichi Takahashi, shows her how real the situation is and how much trouble she’s in for trespassing aboard his ship.

Daichi doesn’t have room for one more passenger aboard his space vessel. Can Desiree convince him to let her stay until they find civilization? Or will the strained food resources push the other passengers to take matters into their own hands and get rid of this unwelcome visitor one way or another?


“What is that? Where is earth?”

“Earth is gone,” the man’s voice held authority and it would have made her afraid if she wasn’t in shock over the situation.

“What do you mean gone!? I was just there a few seconds ago.”

“Earth has been uninhabitable for over nine hundred years.”

“This is not funny! I was just there. And in two thousand twelve earth is very much inhabitable. What am I saying? I’m still there.” She had to give herself a mental slap in the head because she was talking as if she had left earth. Gosh these simulation rooms were so realistic. They even made the participants play up their part. Well, she wasn’t a participant and she needed clear directions on how to get back up stairs where she was at before she fell.

“Two thousand twelve?” He looked at her. “That explains the attire, but that doesn’t explain why you are here. Time travel is not possible. You must be a spy.”

“I am not! I was just at NASA with my niece on her school fieldtrip and I was standing there listening to an entirely too sexy scientist talk about space and whatever else he was rambling about when the section of the floor I was standing on broke and then I was here. You put me back where I was.” She demanded because she was not in the mood for their stupid jokes. They were grown men; scientist actually and they should be more mature than that. “Stupid NASA with their stupid simulation rooms. Just help me get back to where my niece is and you can continue to play your stupid games.”

He growled. “This is not a game. The year is sixty-two twenty-five. That out there is space, not some simulation chamber, and you, woman, are trespassing aboard my vessel.”

Deliverance is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu.


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