Wednesdays with the Arts on Thursday

I know I didn’t post in yesterday’s Wednesdays with the Arts segment, but with moving related activities there hasn’t been much time for any of the arts I enjoy. I haven’t even been able to practice cello this week :(. Given that I won’t officially be moved until February some time I have decided that starting next week I shall have to reclaim at least some of my normal routine. I like having some normalcy and I miss doing what I do so back to work on writing more than I have had the chance to do, trying to get ready for the 2013 book releases, blog hops and more, and of course I am going to find some time to practice cello. I can’t really fit knitting and sewing into the schedule but writing is a necessity on so many levels, and music helps keep me balanced. With all the stress in my life right now I am in need of balance.

I hope you all are having a great week thus far. The New Year’s Blog Hop starts on January 1, 2013 which I’m scheduled to participate in so I will have my post added to the mix as well. And, February 2, 2013 will start a release party giveaway on my Facebook fan page so be sure to come by, like the page, and play the games for your chance to win fun love inspired prizes.



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