Wednesdays with the Arts: Kitchen Adventures

With the move rapidly approaching I have been holding off on starting sewing projects. That hasn’t stopped me from changing the design in my head and now instead of one dress I am going to use the material for two. I have a lot of formal dresses and I love making them, but I really should make something more elegant evening than need a formal event to wear the dress to kind of thing (I say that now, but I haven’t started cutting fabric yet so that could change again :). )

Anyway, since I haven’t been sewing I have left my creativeness set on knitting, music, writing (as always) and cooking. Now even when things don’t go as planned I still consider them kitchen adventures because I never really know where it’s going to lead me. I learned how to cook in the kitchen with my mom when I was a little girl so for cooking and baking there is very little by way of measurements (that makes writing a cookbook rather difficult don’t you know). Most of what I know now I taught myself by building on the skills she helped me obtain. I always say cooking isn’t rocket science, even when I’m not free-styling it, I do know how to follow a recipe. If it’s a dish I haven’t made before I’m more likely to stay close to the recipe, but knowing me I’ll change it and add seasonings, or cook it a little differently…it’s my adventure and I go where I wish to go with it. Sometimes it’s a welcomed new dish and sometimes it’s more of a “please don’t make that again,” type dish.

So over the weekend I decided to make Salmon and my new favorite type of baked potato (of which I found out once I had it on that I was out of the broccoli needed to go inside the pulp, but oh well…) I also made asparagus. Now I don’t make asparagus often. It’s rather expensive to buy here and it’s not a staple in our dishes so I don’t splurge on it often. This time I did, and I decided to cook it in my weekend cooking adventure. Um…well…I don’t know what happened to it really. I didn’t do any cool culinary creations with it. I marinated it with a little bit of olive oil and scallions and then I cooked it on top of the stove in a little bit of water and about a tablespoon of butter. I was really relying on the other food to carry the flavor and then bring everything together on the plate. It was so pretty, but…


…It was so bitter :(. I don’t know what happened. I mean what could possibly go wrong in such a simple asparagus creation? Does anybody know?

Basically, the meal for the most part was good. The Salmon marinated quite nicely and all the seasonings came together well (until I came across two big bones that had me scared to eat the rest of the fish…I have not come across bones in my Salmon before so I guess I was lulled into a false sense of safety thinking there weren’t any in there). The potatoes were good too even though I was missing the broccoli to go inside the pulp. I thought I had broccoli in there…I was sure I did, but I guess I cooked it all already so moral of that story would be to check the supply before plotting the meal…or at least before starting to cook it. Good meal…minus my green veggies that I really should have had with it.

The move should be commencing soon so I’d prefer to wait to try out my next major kitchen adventure until after we’re settled. I want to bake a cake recipe I have been creating in my head, and bread (I’ll follow the recipe for this one as it’s a new type of bread for me), and oh yeah…I may actually need to cook some food to go with the baked goods. I can’t wait. A kitchen adventure for me is like traveling to uncharted lands–I never really know what I’m going to get until I go exploring. Happy Wednesday you all :). I’ll be back Friday for the blog hop version of the Friday Dish.



  1. Your meal sounds delicious and looks like a painting! as for the asparagus, it could be one of several things. Where I live, it’s out of season right now, which can make it expensive and effect the taste. Also, examine the spears carefully when you buy them. Is it a nice clear green, or do the stems have a brown tint to them on the surface? Are the stalks smooth, or do they look rather wizened, with tiny ridges running tip to stem? In my experience, slightly tinged brown or wizened stalks taste very bitter, and should be discarded. Don’t know why they do, but they do. It doesn’t sound like the way you cooked them was an issue, so maybe they just were not good to begin with.

    • Thank you :). I am going to have to pay more attention to what they look like before I cook with them. They were just putting them out in the store when I bought them so I just grabbed a stalk, took a look and thought it was probably okay, but I’ll really study them next time. They’re out of season here too so I’ll try again once they’re back in season they may have some at the farmers market and then I can get help picking the best bunch. They’re really nice about helping there.

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