Fly on the Wall Sunday: A Different Kind of Help

Coming in December is the last release of the year for the Men of Action series ~ Killing Hannah. Here’s a look into book twelve of the Men of Action series.

Sean Flannigan knew the woman was trouble from the time she walked into his office. He should have sent her packing, but unfortunately for Sean his instinct didn’t trump desire and this woman was pushing all the right buttons. But when Hannah Applegate tells him she wants to hire him to find out who killed her, he’s one hundred percent sure she needs the kind of help he can’t provide.

When Hannah weaves a tale that could put the fate of the world in jeopardy can Sean figure out who wants her dead before more people become casualties of a rouge faction’s war? Find out in Killing Hannah.


His eyes traveled her legs from ankle to the point where her pencil skirt stopped just below her knees. Classy and sexy was definitely a lethal combination. She had effortlessly beautiful brown skin and the thought occurred to him that he wouldn’t mind licking every inch of it; he could strip the clothes from her body, lay her on his desk and explore the depths of her. Those were thoughts he shouldn’t be having right now and he knew that.

“You want me to spy on somebody for you?” He didn’t see a ring, not even a tan line from where a ring would have been, so he assumed she wasn’t married. Usually women like her, sophisticated and vulnerable, came to him to expose a cheating husband.

“No. Not really. I want to hire you to find out who killed me.”

Now he knew her flaw. The woman was as loony as the day is long. “I think you need the kind of help I can’t provide.” He was a private investigator, not a shrink. Did the cute ones always have to be crazy?

“Just hear me out, please?” She took a deep breath. She was nervous; he could tell by the way she twisted her hands in her lap. “Two days ago somebody killed me.”

“And yet you’re sitting here…”

Killing Hannah will be out soon on Lulu, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Find out how the story unfolds by purchasing Killing Hannah from one of the authorized selling points :). Stop by the Capri Montgomery Books website for information on current and upcoming books.


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