Wednesdays with the Arts: About

Have you ever noticed how some people will type rude things and then mask them with a smiley face? It’s like, hello, a smiley face doesn’t mask your rude remark. Some friendships just aren’t meant to be mended no matter how much you’re willing to try to forgive the other person’s betrayal. I don’t know, perhaps sometimes knowing when to let go is an art–one that requires not letting the heart rule, but thinking more accurately with one’s head and really assessing if it’s even worth your time or energy. Hmmm…maybe a topic for my new show.

My new show :)! Don’t you just love how I segmented into that ;)? My new show, Capri’s Reality Bytes, talks about more than just my books. So far I’m two episodes in and the first was a brief introduction, the second delt with the writing industry including bias and hypocrytical writing within the Romance genre. I’m prepping for show three after Thanksgiving. Some shows will be live and others will be previously recorded. I honestly like the previously recorded shows best, but live will be okay too. So come by, check out the show and when the live shows are up please come and join in. If you would like to come on the show let me know and we’ll arrange it. It’s a new show, on a new site for me and I’m still learning my way around, but I think this can be fun. I’ll be talking about writing, safety, current topics and more. I will Not be talking about religion or politics; it’s just not the kind of show I want to do. I know those are hot button issues, but I don’t want to go there.

Okay, that’s all for this week’s Wednesdays with the Arts…short, sweet and to the point. Have an art-filled Wednesday you all :).


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