Friday Dish: Evolving

This has been a busy week. On Thin Ice is now available on Amazon and Lulu; it should be on and Barnes and Noble soon. This is book 3 in the Special Ops series. If you have already been reading the series you can now purchase your copy and get to know Jet Jackson along with the other guys. If you haven’t been reading the series, now is a really good time to start ;).

The blog is evolving. I’m bringing some interviews to the Wednesdays with the Arts segment on this blog. It won’t be every Wednesday, of course, but as time permits I’ll add interviews if people are willing to do them with me. I have one coming up with Venus L. Moore CPA so I’ll let you all know more about it once it’s closer to becoming a reality.

Part of the blog evolving is deciding what works for this blog. Now I like the Saturday Grow with Words posts, but despite being so short they actually take the most time to create. Looking for interesting words to share is an endeavor, one I enjoy, but it’s still a lot of time and I’m not sure anybody else is really interested. So you all tell me if you’re interested in the Grow with Words posts then I’ll keep them going. If not, then that particular post will go away next month.

Other blog events include:

  1. November 9th-15th Men of the Military Blog Hop
  2. December 14th-17th Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop
  3. January 1st-6th New Year’s Blog Hop
  4. February 8th-11th Heartbreaker Blog Hop
  5. March 15th-18th Lucky in Love Blog Hop

My goodness that’s a lot of blog hops ;).

And last, but definitely not least, while I have been reluctant to do one…very reluctant ;)…my new website is officially in the works. I haven’t done one in a while, but I found once I got back into it I remembered how to do it. I still have a little left to do, but once it’s ready I’ll share.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a wonderful weekend everybody.


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