Wednesdays with the Arts: The Art of Nothingness

I have all these ideas for art projects. For instance, I want to enter an annual self portrait contest and I have my theme planned and the photos taken in my head but not in tangible form yet. I haven’t taken the pictures because I am not in a position to do them right now, so I keep the idea in my head and keep it filed in the “maybe one day” index.

My latest art project is with the wearable arts. I know what I want to do; designing a dress in my head works magically, but I need to take my beautiful fabric and get started. I haven’t started because we’re getting ready for a move (very long process with a very long story–maybe I’ll tell it someday) and my sewing area is a mess. In short, I haven’t been able to start my dress yet, but I will do that much sooner than my photography project for sure.

I haven’t been painting, so there goes that art and while I have been having fun (and sometimes not so much fun) with the edible arts I still feel as if I am not doing anything at all. It’s the art of nothingness. If one wishes to survive nothingness one must master the art, embrace it and move forward through it. Basically, I need to stop looking at what I haven’t been able to do yet and look at what I have done. I know, this is an ongoing battle for me. I’m working on it…really I am.

So what have I done in my world of art? Well, I’m knitting a rather large project (large for me anyway) and it’s taking forever, but I don’t think it’s going that badly so eventually I will finish it.

Even though I haven’t started my sewing project I have collected everything I need and I have it designed in my head so I just have to really get to work on it now. I’m also making progress with one of the many stories I’m working on. So you see, even if it sometimes feels as if I’m in the realm of nothingness, I really am doing something. I just wish I could do more right now. I don’t think I’m really happy when I am not doing anything at all, perhaps that is why I keep myself so busy. Oh well, I can psychoanalyze myself later. I must go now and do something artful before getting back to work on my current written art piece. I hope you all have a great and art filled Wednesday :).


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