Fly On the Wall Sunday: I Think

I’m getting ready for another blog hop this month, next month and the month after that and now I think I may have picked the wrong time of the year to introduce myself to blog hops. There just seems to be so much going on right now–moving, end of year book releases, end of year tax preparation (which is pretty much together I think), and of course on top of all that I have the usual activities of life. I’m busy, but I guess being busy isn’t really such a bad thing. Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for the Fly on the Wall post.

I kept trying to think of what books I haven’t visited in a while. Just because they’re older doesn’t mean they’re not still good. So today’s Fly on the Wall post is dedicated to Saints and Sinners, one of the earlier books in the Men of Action Series.




You’re bluffing,” Javier Chavez grinned wide as he held the Brusletto Bamsen Hunting Knife to Alaina’s throat. The heavy scent of his spicy aftershave hung thick in the air. The sweat from his body dampened his shirt. Alaina could feel the heat, his heat, as the five inch steel blade pressed close to her carotid artery. His free arm locked firmly around her chest, holding her petite frame hard against his body. She knew he could kill her with one slip of his hand. Even though she knew the danger Mr. Chavez posed she still had something more threatening looming over her. Right now, Javier Chavez wasn’t exactly who she was worried about.

“I’m a SEAL we don’t bluff.”

Alaina watched this stranger standing before her. Dark hair, dark eyes, broad shoulders, firm chest, narrow waist and long legs completed the tough exterior. His ease as he held his Smith and Wesson nine millimeter semi-automatic trained on her, the steadiness of his voice and the detached look in his eyes told her he was not bluffing at all. He had every intention of shooting the hostage–unfortunately she was the hostage.

Saints and Sinners is available now on Barnes and Noble, All Romance E-books, Lulu and Amazon too.


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