I Spaced Wednesday

Clearly I spaced Wednesdays with the Arts. Sorry. I remembered it was Wednesday early in the morning, but then an unexpected appointment came up that took much longer than any unexpected appointment should take and by the time I got home I was focused on the work I didn’t get done this week because of all the unexpected appointments. Basically I remembered once again that it was Wednesday after I crawled into bed for the night; at that point I was pretty much on the “sleep, give me sleep,” train. So, obviously I missed the usual Wednesday post and I do apologize for that. I will probably be missing a lot more in upcoming months because we have to get ready for another big move (not across country as the usual moves go, so at least it’s not that big) but moving still requires a lot of work. If I miss a few posts here and there I do apologize. Usually I’m rather consistent…or at least I try to be, when it comes to sticking to the blogging schedule.

So since I missed Wednesday I can tell you today that I am working on a new knitting project. I won’t talk about it…I might jinx it ;). No, I’m not superstitious…I don’t think…but I’m cutting down on the pressure. I’ll wait until I get a little further into the project before I talk about it. It’s a first for me and I’m worried. There’s a section in the directions that I just don’t understand, but since I have about 20 inches of knitting to get through before I get to that section so I’m going to just keep working. When I get to the hole in my knitting road I will figure out how to fill it so I can keep on knitting.

I also have a new sewing project. Of this one I am not worried about doing it even though I am altering the pattern significantly (more than I usually alter patterns) I have no problem taking a pattern and creating something new; I get that from my mom for sure. I am worried I won’t be able to start the project this year. Things are moving faster with the need to get packed than I thought it would. We still have until early next year to be out of the place we’re currently in, but we still need to get on top of packing. I also have to replace the sewing and embroidery machine I had. I am being cautious on this one. I bought this machine before and within 15 days it needed service. Something about the computer not recognizing where it was at in the embroidery pattern. Um, hello, it’s 15 days old (usage wise) how could it need service already? So I returned the dysfunctional machine and have missed it ever since. I’m going to buy another, but I have to wait until next month because I won’t have the money before then. I’m just hoping it doesn’t go dysfunctional on me after 15 days again (or 15 years either). I need it to be in for the long haul. It’s a good brand and my mom has had a sewing machine by the same maker for years, so maybe the machine I had was just a one-off experience. I hope it won’t happen again because I really loved the work I could do with that machine.

So that’s my art news…a little late, but better than never I guess.


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