Fly on the Wall Sunday: Redemption

Well today is the official release on Lulu and All Romance Ebooks for book 11 in the Men of Action series ~ Redemption. It will be available from Amazon for Kindle and Barnes and Noble for Nook soon. So since it is release day I’m featuring Redemption on my original Facebook page and my new Facebook fan page as the Featured Story of the Day, and ‘m focusing on Redemption for the Fly on the Wall Sunday post today as well.

His wife and his daughter were murdered and his quest to find the killer has never stopped. Now, Blaine Ashworth must confront not only the demons of his past, but also the fears of his present in order to have a future. Can Angel Ducain win a place in Blaine’s heart? Or will old demons rip them apart?


“No,” she shook her head frantically. “This…no…this wasn’t about me. This was just some random spot of crazy. Face it, the world has been going insane for decades and it’s gotten worse lately.” She looked at the damage, completely in denial that this shooting could have anything to do with her. Nobody wanted her dead—at least not that she knew of anyway. Her thoughts were racing from one detail to another. She couldn’t focus. Part of her was thinking of what needed to be done now. She would have to call her insurance companies, first and foremost about her house—or maybe the truck. The truck was something she needed for business. And was she even covered for this? Did her insurance cover bullet holes? Were they even fixable? And was that…she looked closer at her vehicle; “Is that a bullet hole in my—” The explosion and the rapid movement of Blaine cut her words short. He knocked her to the ground and once again covered her body with his as the truck’s exploding force blew out what was left of her home front windows. She was lying there on her back with Blaine nestled between her legs and the only thing she could do was hold on to him, desperately trying to hold on to what sanity she had left. This wasn’t happening. This couldn’t be happening.

He pulled back and looked down into her eyes. “Yeah, that was a bullet hole in your gas tank.”

Redemption is available now on Lulu and All Romance Ebooks. Coming soon to Amazon for Kindle and Barnes and Noble for Nook.


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