Friday Dish: Knitting, Writing and Editing Too

This week has been really busy. It’s been fun yet exhausting all at the same time. I started writing just a little of the first book in the Witness Protection segment of the Special Ops series. I only did a little because the story is definitely playing like a movie in my head, but I am still finishing the last book in the Search and Rescue segment of the Special Ops series so with that, plus my non-series book, plus other stories that need editing I just wanted to hold off on sitting down and spending the entire day with the next segment book until I finish some of the ones that need to come before it.

Along with writing I have been doing the post editor final edits, as I usually do once I get a book back from my editor, for the December holiday story. It’s a cute short story romance set in a small town around Christmas season so I had fun writing it. There is no murder, intrigue or devious schemes to take over the world ;), but it’s sweet and I think if you like short stories, and sweet romance stories, then you will probably like this one. I’ll talk more about it in the upcoming months. Here’s a look at the cover for the story.

I’m also editing next year’s Men of Action series release book (book 13 in the series) and trying to finish that up sometime next month so I can get it to my editor. I like to stay ahead on my work because I know that every day a new story will run through my mind—I don’t always write them, but sometimes I just have to and as such it’s nice to have the wiggle room in my schedule to add something new. The next few months will be really busy because there is much to be done on the writing and editing front, but I’m ready for it…I so love doing what I do.

As for knitting…well I figured out what size needle I need, but I can’t find the needle in the store. I have one more store I can check and then it’s going to have to be an online purchase I guess. I need circular knitting needles at a size 4 at 24inches. I can find 29inches, 16inches, 36inches, but not 24 inches. I can’t cast on until I find it, but I have one more store option so I’m going to try that today and maybe I can get back to knitting this weekend. Oh, my mother did leave the sewing machine out because she has some things to alter so I could probably get my next sewing project in before the move too. I am envisioning at least getting to start on one of these arts and craft projects within the next week…at least I hope I can.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Happy weekend to all of you.



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