Wednesdays with the Arts: When Knitting and Sewing Collide

Perhaps knitting and sewing didn’t literally collide, but they did both take over my weekend…in a good way. Do you remember the fabric I had spread out on my sewing table? You know the one I used to lay my knitting project on in one of the other pictures? Well, I finally pinned and cut the pattern over the weekend and after finishing my scarf (I’ll get to that in a bit) I went to work on my skirt. At first I thought I would make a top to match, but I have changed my mind. Mostly I decided to leave the top out because we are in the process of getting ready for another move and things must be packed. My fabric has disappeared from the table which is sign number one that the sewing area is on the packing casualty list ;). Sign number two is the fact that the cover is over the sewing machine again. The last time the cover went back on the machine it was because it was so soon to be packed. I think we’re putting it away soon and I would rather not be rushing to finish a garment. At least my skirt is finished :).
The skirt went from not even being started other than having the fabric on the sewing table…To looking like this:

And then to something wearable…like this:

As for my knitting project…it’s done. I have cast off (or as some would call it, bind off) and handed over the Saxon Braid striped scarf to the owner of the scarf—my mother. See…all done.

I have started working on my next project already. Most of my time had to go towards finding the right needle size to meet my gauge requirements, but now that I have done that I can get started…well, kind of. My size 7 circular knitting needles I knew were missing. I believe they are in a crate somewhere because they were the last needles I worked with and I had them in the top drawer of my master chest when the movers came. I remember putting everything in a crate so that it wouldn’t get lost during the move (the last move that is) and I haven’t seen those needles since…so much for not getting lost. To be fair we weren’t able to unpack everything so it’s probably in a crate we didn’t unpack.

I did not, however, realize my size 4 needles were missing too. I do not remember working with those and therefore have no idea where they have run off to ;). So since I need the size five and the size four needles (determined by actually doing several tension swatches) I am missing something vital to casting on—size 4 needles. I can’t buy just one of the type I already have because they are sold as a set (and I’d have to buy them online) so I will have to go on the hunt for a store with size 4 needles that are as close as possible to my size 5 type that I will be using. Why am I hunting? Well, there aren’t any knitting stores in town…and I don’t know where any are, but there is a craft store and a grocery store with a craft department so I might be able to find what I need at one of them. Until I get what I need, there shall be no casting on. So for a few days at least my wearable arts creation time is suspended.


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