Friday Dish: It Only Comes Once

If you’re looking for the Dangerous Alpha Heroes post you can click here and go straight to the post :). But please feel free to stick around and explore the rest of the blog.

Okay, on with the Friday Dish:

I love to workout and that’s really not a surprise to anybody who knows me. I used to do a lot of indoor workouts, but when my mom decided she wanted to manage her weight and get back into walking I decided to help her. I, of course, also stuck with my fun cardio dance workouts until I realized that three workouts a day was a bit too much–not that I was tired, just that I was losing too much weight way too quickly (when I really didn’t need to lose any at all) so I had to cut back. Now, most days I just go walking with my mom. Using the walking sticks / walking poles while trudging through sand is definitely enough to increase the cardio and still feel like I’m getting in a good workout. Walking, plus Pilates, is kind of my standard workout now. Although next year, after the move, I do want to add belly dance and my cardio dance routines back into my weekly activities. I kind of miss them both, but I won’t be going back into the performance arena for belly dance. So not going there again…I mean it ;).

The great thing about doing the walking workouts with my mom is 1. I feel safer because let’s face it, it’s not really all that safe out there anymore and knowing I have somebody who has my back should something happen is comforting to me. 2. I get to see sunrise from fairly nice positions, including the beach sometimes, but sunrise only comes once. Not that the sun only rises once, but each day is a new sunrise. If you miss one, you’ll never see that one again. I used to be big on taking the camera with me just in case I saw something beautiful or interesting to take pictures of, but I got away from that and Wednesday I didn’t take my camera. It was kind of overcast. I figured the sunrise wouldn’t be as pretty because it really hadn’t been all week under the same conditions. What happened? The most beautiful sunrise of the week and I didn’t have my camera :(. At least I had a chance to see it though so I should be grateful for that.

With my workout routine done for the week (I’m working on mom’s schedule here because I would go every day) I am thinking of just grabbing my camera and heading out to do pictures for sunrise. My mother bought me a digital camera as an early present for something and I’m still figuring out what it can do. I like my film cameras. I definitely prefer them for black and white, but the fun thing about digital for color photos is that I don’t have to rely on somebody else to develop them before I can see what they look like. I can develop my own black and white photos so I don’t have to have somebody else do that for me. One of these days I’ll just take all my cameras to the beach with me and shoot until I run out of film and patience…well maybe not all of them, but some of them. I can finally use my IR film that has been in the refrigerator far too long. I hope it’s still good because it is definitely past the expiration date by now. Did I ever mention that I dropped and cracked my IR filter? I did, and yes I was incredibly sad about that because it’s expensive to replace and I had really just gotten it. Better the filter than the camera though right?

Today is a digital camera and me morning so I can get to know my new baby in my camera family. I could just read the manual, but where’s the fun in that :).

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week; same time, same place. Have a great weekend you all.


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