Wednesdays with the Arts: Knit Express

I decided to get on the Knit Express and knit one more mug hugger. I wanted to send one to my dad, and I had already given the last one to my mom. My dad likes brown, but I had already started in green (which he likes too, although I’m not sure about the shade of green) and so I mixed both colors to create the mug hugger for him. I added three buttons instead of two and I bought a mug and wrapped it with the mug hugger. I still have to get to the Post Office to mail it, but it’s all nice and pretty, wrapped and ready to go. Now it’s back to the Saxon Braid scarf because I really need to finish it. My mother likes yellow and green so I thought I would give it to her. I have knitting books on the way so I am sure there is something in one of them I would love to play with and I can’t take on anything new (again) until I finish this scarf…that’s my plan anyway.


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