Wednesdays with the Arts: Keep on Knitting

I started the smaller knit project while I try to rekindle my desire to finish the Saxon Braid scarf. Oddly enough, my other project is a cable project too :). Go figure. I guess I like cables now that I have taught myself how to do them. They really aren’t as hard as they looked. I think I just over complicated cables. Much like I sometimes over complicate sewing. My mother tells me this all the time. With first glance she knows what the problem is until I start talking and confuse her just as much as I am lol.

I knitted a tension swatch this time. I’m really bad about doing that. Basically, I don’t do it. I knit a lot of hats, scarves, blankets, wrist warmers and really nothing needs to fit…except the hat and wrist warmers maybe, but I haven’t had a problem with fit…yet. I’m trying to get better with knitting the swatch because I want to make a couple larger wearable knit items and fit will be crucial to project success. That means I have to knit as many tension swatches as it takes to be sure I’m using the right needle.

Other than realizing I need to work on knitting a tension swatch for all projects, I also realized that I need to find two sizes of my circular knitting needles. I thought they were all in the same place, but they’re not. I know this probably happened because of the move. Some things were in the top drawer of my dresser in my room which means they were packed last and since we weren’t able to unpack everything in this move (due to space) I have a feeling some of my knitting stuff is in the garage in a crate somewhere. I thought of calling the sheriff’s office to see if they could come help me search for and rescue my knitting needles, but I decided that was probably a bad idea. Calling up and asking for somebody to come find my needles might 1. make them think I’m talking about a completely different kind of needle; and 2. get me arrested and thrown in the psych ward somewhere because clearly I would have to be crazy to do something like that. I don’t think finding knitting needles is quite what they had in mind with the whole protect and serve mantra :o).

Other than knitting there’s sewing in which I still haven’t pinned the pattern. I’m thinking I should clean off my sewing table and put everything back out only when I’m ready to work on it. I thought I was ready, but clearly I’m not. Oh well, on to writing so that I can finish with my work this morning and settle in for some afternoon knitting time. Have a wonderful Wednesday you all.


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