Friday Dish: Updating the Blog

This week has been busy with writing and editing, but I also decided to update the blog a bit. I added some information to the Destination Giveaway page because I have giveaways coming up. One giveaway starts next week. I running it off the new fan page on Facebook so if you’re on Facebook please stop by and like my fan page. It’s new and I’m still getting it off the ground, but you can still join and participate in next week’s contest giveaway.

In addition to the updates to Destination Giveaway I added the Author on the Go page to list upcoming on-line and off line appearances and contact information should someone decide they have something writing related going they would like for me to attend. On this page you’ll notice two on-line events that are blog giveaway hops and you’ll also see those on the Destination Giveaway page. I’ll have more details about those as I get details myself. This will be my first blog hop so I’m a little nervous, but excited too. Other notable updates include the All Roads Lead To…page where I added the Special Ops series to the list. Overall, I have been working on getting the blog updated and making room for things I’m working on to have a space outside of a blog post where people won’t have to search through a plethora of posts just to find the information.

I am hoping to get some knitting in this weekend. Life took over this week and between working on books, running errands and getting things together in my real world, I just haven’t had the time to really sit down and work on the scarf. I haven’t even started the sewing project yet, so basically I need to get a little wearable arts time in this weekend…I hope I can.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week; same time, same place. Happy Friday you all :).


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