Friday Dish: Internal Clock Ticking

My internal clock is definitely ticking, but it’s so off balance that I think it needs a tune up. I am waking up earlier and earlier every day. When I started waking up at 4 a.m., that was fine. When I started waking up at 3 a.m., that was fine too. But 2 a.m. is not so fine. I can probably blame the birds. Their internal clocks seemed to be off last week too, and unfortunately not only did I hear an entire flock of them talking with each other, there is one bird that seems to like to come right by my window and squawk. Now they’re sleeping and I’m awake.

However waking up early does have its advantages. I get so much work done in the darkened hours of the morning. It’s typically quiet around the house and there is no need to worry about cooking or running errands. I can just work without interruption and that’s nice. Working in the early morning hours has made for great progress this week. I finished two stories, a long and a short story. I really need to finish the Men of Action first 2013 release book because I have been working on it a really long time and it’s still not finished. I would very much like to start the next 2013 book in the series. I like staying ahead. One never knows when something will happen that demands attention, or for how long it will demand it. I also need to finish In Love Before Christmas, well…before Christmas :). And…I started the last story in the Search and Rescue segment of the Special Ops series. I’m happy for that because I have ideas for the next three segments in the series and while I have written the ideas down, I can’t start working on them seriously until I finish this segment. This book is going to take a while though. I have to completely wrap up the Search and Rescue segment. While I am sure we’ll see characters we encountered along the way, I know those characters won’t be my major guys…or at least I think I know that. I never fully know where my imagination will take me once I start writing.

By way of knitting and sewing…well, I have the fabric laid out, the pattern pressed and all pieces for the skirt and top ready to pin. Yes, I decided to stick with the skirt and top instead of switching to making another dress. Knitting is going okay too…although I should work a little faster than what I am doing right now.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week; same time, same place. Have a great weekend you all :).


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