Fly on the Wall Sunday: Sworn to Secrecy

Sorry you all; I’m a little late this morning because I got sidetracked catching up on the blogs I follow. Yes, I read them, even if I don’t always comment. But…I’m here now. Today I’m giving you all a look at next month’s release ~ Sworn to Secrecy. Why? Well, some of you have contacted me to ask me when Alex’s story is coming out so I know you’re waiting. I know a lot has been coming out and some of you might think I forgot about Alex, but I didn’t. Alex was in with the editor ;). I’m going to tell you a little secret (well, it’s not a secret to those who know me, but to some of you it might be.) I never work on just one story at a time. My brain just won’t allow it. When I’m washing dishes I’m thinking of new stories. When I’m sewing, I’m thinking of new stories. When I’m working out, I’m thinking of new stories. You get the point. I’m always thinking of stories. The movies are always playing in my head and some of them I let stay in my head and others I just have to write down. Right now I have far too many stories going on to count, but currently, open in my Microsoft Word program are three stories that I’m working on throughout the week. Sometimes I do one a day and sometimes I do a little on all three…it just depends on what movies are playing in my head that day.

What does that have to do with Sworn to Secrecy? Probably nothing ;). Basically I’m just explaining why those of you keeping up with me on Facebook are seeing covers for stories that come out later this year while you hadn’t heard much about Sworn to Secrecy before today. So, on to the actual Fly on the Wall Sunday post….

It was supposed to be a simple rescue mission, but nothing about rescuing Carissa Jones is simple. When Alex Wilson’s basic rescue mission turns into a battle against domestic terrorists will his training and skills be enough to keep the package safe? Or will the deadly plot she has wormed her way into cost them both their life?




It was hot; he was tired and after a long night and day of travel, getting to the package seemed like a glorious relief of pressure. Alex wasn’t complaining—much. He was used to hard missions in inhospitable conditions, but there was a sudden sense of urgency in this mission. No demands had been sent yet. No contact had been officially made and that told him that the package could soon be dead or moved to another location.

He saw which hut the package was being held in so he knew he could get to her, but he also knew he had to play this smart. Just walking into the village wasn’t going to get him what he needed. It might get him killed though. He needed to enter covertly, that was the plan, but apparently they were having some kind of party that night because the fire was burning, the food was cooking and the people were festive. He didn’t see her until she came out the hut, accompanied by several women and one man. She was adamantly refusing something; he didn’t know what but the look on her face and the tension in her body caused him to speculate. Given the people clearly watching her moves, he would guess she wasn’t getting much alone time. He wasn’t worried; he knew he could find his way in. He would retrieve the package and back to Austin they would go. He could sit out on his porch and do some stargazing. Watching the stars happened to be one of his favorite past times and from what he had been tracking before he left he knew the sky was going to be lit up with a meteor shower in just a few days. He wanted to be back in time to catch the show.

It would be nice to have somebody to watch it with, but since his last relationship ended he hadn’t jumped into another. He was too busy dealing with work and balancing his family—or more like surviving his family. Kevin had inked yet another endorsement deal and his parents just had to throw a few parties they required him attend. He couldn’t even use the excuse of work because at the time of the parties he wasn’t on a rescue mission. Maybe he didn’t care as much about the parties. He was rather used to the “Kevin is a god and you’re a nobody” treatment he received, but what he couldn’t adjust to was seeing his brother dating one of his ex-girlfriends. It wasn’t the last woman he had been with; that relationship had ended and that was his choice since she had cheated on him. But Kevin had taken interest in Krystal Diggs, the first woman he thought he might just be in love with. When she moved to California it had been hard for both of them, but they were going to make it work. At least she said they were. He understood long distance relationships. He was in the military; he knew what it was like to be thousands of miles away from each other. He thought they were okay until he got the email that she had met somebody else. Apparently absence did not make the heart grow fonder.

Now she was back in Texas. She was moving to Dallas to be with Kevin. Krystal had moved away for a job when they were together, but she was willing to give that same job up just to be with his brother. He found out about their relationship at one of the parties his parents had decided to host. Nobody would ever mistake his family for the Waltons, that was for sure.

He put his mind back on the mission and took it off of his family problems. It wasn’t as if his family was going to change. He couldn’t do anything about that, but he could do something about this situation. He was going to retrieve the package. The package, Carissa Jones, was going home and then he was getting back to his favorite nightly relaxation routine of watching the stars above him.


If only it were so simple 🙂 Poor Alex just doesn’t know what’s in store for him. Sworn to Secrecy ~ book 2 in the Special Ops series, Search and Rescue segment will be out in September 2012.



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