Friday Dish: Flexibility is Vital

The week has been busy with writing and edits and cover making. Somewhere in there I had time to do a little knitting and of course, cello practice. Yesterday’s practice session took me by surprise because just the other day I had two of the pieces with a slight need for improvement and I was just starting the third piece. Yesterday, I didn’t have any of the pieces. Today’s another day so I’ll try it again.

We do have an appointment that’s going to throw off my schedule for today so that means no washing the car today as planned. I have some of my cleaning done already this morning but I won’t be able to do the type of cleaning I planned to do today until tomorrow. Flexibility is vital. If there isn’t any flexibility then when unexpected things come up things tend to break. Keeping my sanity in check I’m moving things around, shuffling the schedule and trying to make sure everything that needs to be done gets done over the weekend. Things that cannot be moved are staying as they are; things that can be moved are being moved.

I’m also planning to get as much knitting done as possible before I start my sewing project next weekend. The fabric is sitting on my sewing table and I keep looking at it, but because I am still trying to decide exactly what I want to do with the fabric I’m not jumping through hoops to lay it out, pin a pattern and start cutting. I think by next weekend if I don’t have the right dress for the material I’ll stick with my original idea to do the skirt and top and just go for it.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week; same time, same place. Have a great weekend everybody. 🙂



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