Wednesdays with the Arts: Tied up with Yarn on Release Day

Today I’m talking about the art of writing and knitting because two of my August releases are available. From the Men of Action series book ten is now available on All Romance Ebooks, Lulu (both print and e-book), Amazon for Kindle and it should be on Barnes and Noble for Nook soon. The book is Explosive: Deadly Connections and in this book we have Percileo Dugan-Mishoto and Eve McGregor. A few other previously seen characters show up as well.

The second book is Hydra, from the Adventures Through Time series. It’s a science fiction meets dash of romance book. Of course with time travel one would expect it would fall into science fiction, but it also has a bit more of the science fiction theme amplified. It’s different than the other books in the series and I really like it. I like all of my books. If I didn’t like them I wouldn’t put them out there. So I hope you like it too. I realize that some of you won’t like my writing; that’s just how it goes. But the great thing about the art of writing is that there are so many other writers out there and I think if you do a little searching you’ll find a writer whose voice you can connect with and writing you can really get into. For those of you enjoying my books…I’m glad. Thank you for reading them and coming into the fictional worlds my character’s get to live in.

Now, other than book releases I have Sworn to Secrecy edits back from my beta-editor and so I have to do one more read through and then make the needed changes. I’ll be working on that this week because I need to also get this book into the copyright office as well so that I can copyright with enough time for the release of the book.

And in totally unrelated news…I made it to the sewing store yesterday. It’s not close at all so I don’t get there often. I went for trim and I left with yarn. I didn’t buy any trim for the corset, but they had a really good sale on yarn. I was able to get pure wool and also some bamboo blends. I have no idea what I’m doing with this yarn. Clearly I was not the only one drawn to the huge sale because in some of the bins there were only one or two skeins of the same color. So I know I don’t have enough of any one color to make a top or a blanket. I thought about doing the typical scarf and hat that I seem to do often. I have a pattern for a Scottish hiking scarf. I wouldn’t mind doing that, but here’s the thing about me and knitting—I’m still learning. I have no problem carrying my yarn up the side of my project, but I haven’t mastered carrying it across the back. And what I would like to do would be to do the pattern in the center in a different color from the rest of the scarf. I don’t know if I can do that and I really don’t want to mess up my yarn while I try. I have a book cover pattern I would like to make, but I need a heavier weight for the yarn and I bought mostly soft, feel good to touch yarn. I have wool, but it is so not going to be a book cover. Basically, whenever I finish the knitted project I’m working on I have plenty of old yarn and new yarn to work with…but no idea of what I’m doing next. I could make wrist warmers…but I don’t really want to do those again. Then again…those didn’t take that long to do so maybe I’ll do those…not sure yet.

Anyway, that’s all for this Wednesday with the Arts. Have a great day. I’ll be back here on Friday to Dish about who knows what right now…something I’m sure ;). Happy August you all.



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